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With Mod hodgepodge, like a watercolor Resist

You will learn how to use the Mod to create a hodgepodge, a watercolor resist! This is so add a cool effect to the art projects and mixed media.
It’s been a while since I’ve all done with watercolor. I have very many art classes in middle school and high school, and it was one of my favorite media of the time – I loved to play with him!
So much in fact, that I framed and created a huge image of tulips with different watercolor techniques that my mother had, and still hangs in their house today.
When I see that picture, I have fond memories watercolor, and I always imagined that I pick up a day’d it again. Well, recently I got the chance.
Let me start from the beginning!
I was recently selected to be a Michaels Maker, which is quite exciting – it’s Michaels Stores team of 50 creative bloggers who have been assembled to “fuel your creativity” through various projects. The program began last week with an amazing Michaels makers summit in Santa Rosa, California:
Unfortunately, I’t able to go, due to a foot injury . . . but, my blogging friends, and Michael's are so sweet, you represent me anyway:
Doesn’t look absolutely amazing? Not only is the Michael's makers will get to enjoy the beautiful landscape, but they were also taught to participate in the four great classes (weaving, watercolor, paper, flowers and image transfer) of Michael's training partner, Creativebug.
Although I was disappointed to miss the summit, I was very excited to try Creativebug classes. I’ve heard about them, but never had a chance to experience until now. As you can imagine, based on the beginning of this blog post, I've tried, beginning watercolor with acclaimed artist Yao Cheng!
So I bought my supplies for the class, and I must say, I was ready to rock. Watercolors are just so beautiful, don’t you think? I was know-how’t, what to expect, because I works for me’t familiar with Yao’s, but you – you’s really amazing.
; ll let you know, my favorite part of your teaching method immediately: you are encouraged to experiment. It’s not “wrong” way to watercolor. To learn the whole idea of their class, but also a great time to do it. So I have:

DIY watercolor Resist
I experimented with all the techniques in your videos, and was having a blast. It was then that I remembered something I’d heard before, but never myself tried: with Mod hodgepodge, like a watercolor resist.
Have you heard of it? I feel like Yao’s promotion through the screen gave me the Podgeables to try it. So I busted out the watercolor pad, and one of my Mod collection rocks stencils. I smoothed the mask down, and then I have the Mod hodgepodge gloss and the stencil with a spouncer:

And then I peeled the stencil off immediately (and wash), and with this drying on the watercolor paper:

you Set aside this until it’s completely dry.
Then it’s time to play! I started teaching with one of the first techniques Yao. I mixed a fun, blue/green color and added a vivid swipe of watercolor at the top of my paper.
Instead of my brush more color, I dipped it in water, and continued to paint, on the side down, so that the effect was more of an ombre.
And you can see – the Mod-hodgepodge resists the watercolor and offers a unique design and texture on the page!
So then I have it with my key stencil and the bright blue . . . and I REALLY love how this turned out. I even left some of the blue/green in the brush as Yao suggested, to see what would happen. No Judgments. And it turned out so cool!
So, here are the results . . . .
, But then I’could help t me and took it a step further.
I found this cool photo of the clips on Michaels.
And I added to my watercolor pages. And BAM – unique wall art in a matter of minutes!
So you’and s make. I took the Creativebug class. And I learned some cool techniques.
And afterwards I felt inspired and decided to take it a step further and made my own wall art with Mod hodgepodge as a resist.
Now I think you should class, Creativebug and try it!!
Before you go, I would like to pay them a visit to see some of the other 50 Michaels-makers . . . You can here about each of our blogs and bios!
you follow along, throughout the year, and feel free to create projects with us by sharing on Instagram with #made with Michaels. If you want to know what you are on the summit and learned, visit one or all of them to the port on the bottom!

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