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Mason Jars Five Decorating-Ways

You can decorate mason jars in so many ways – paint, Mod conglomeration, and more. Here are five ideas for crafting with you – everything is easy and fun!

I’m sure you’ve seen mason jars all over Pinterest –’t they fun as a craft surface? You have to decorate five options, mason jars, thanks to Angie. And the best part is that you can use a couple of you Mod hodgepodge (although I like the painted, as well). To visit Angie and let her know what your favorite is!
decorating mason jars five ways in Which the country Chic Cottage
In search of other good ideas for decorating mason jars with Mod smorgasbord? Here are a few:

are painted, chalkboard mason jars
Mason jars gift
Mod Podged organization glasses
Boho mason glass candle holders
Faux beach glass lanterns

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