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Mason Jar Christmas Vase for farmhouse decor

Learn how to make a mason jar Christmas vase with painting on glass! This is easier than you think – and we’ve included a free pattern.
skills Required: Advanced beginner. Even if you don’t have experience painting on a mason jar, round glass-surface, it’s okay. The loose style of the design and the pattern makes it easier than normal.
I think, the most trying to this project a little experience with the painting – with a brush, etc., this Christmas vase will be much easier.

Have you ever thought about painting on glass? I think it’s something that intimidates a lot of people . . . and I’m to be honest, intimidated it’s me in the past. But after taking the plunge, I realised how much easier it was than I thought.
And I’m ready to show you how easy it is, too.accent I already have – the trees and hand block painted. And let’s not forget about rustic printables that I decorate with . . . You can see a theme emerging, right?
These whimsical Christmas vase definitely has a farmhouse or rustic atmosphere, and I think it would go well with a variety of decor. Here’s what I love about any kind of whimsical style of the craft: it really doesn’t have to be exact.
That is, if you go outside the lines a little, the world’t end there. In fact, it only increases the charm of your holiday decor. That’s the kind of project that I need, especially when it comes to painting. I’ve known, have a shaky hand.
you may notice that the Christmas jar was inspired by a cardinal in the snow in the winter. It’s a very simple interpretation – but that’s the point! You don’t have to love Monet, to achieve the results you!
To get you started, I’m some of my most important tips for this project share. Let’s go over these details first, before we jump into the how-to. Let’s with the glass!
the preparation of the Mason Jar
If you’re using glass for crafts is mainly involved in paint, clean it first. You need to remove all the stickers and clean the glass with warm water and soap or alcohol). So all of the oils from your hands or fingers won’t on the glass.
Make sure to work it’s so dry, that you glass and “canvas” clean!colors
This is the most important part of your Christmas vase mason jar. You must select colour, works on glass, so that your design doesn’t come across the time.
I recommend either using FolkArt Enamel paints or FolkArt paint multi surface. These are my favorites because they work well on glass, the cover is fantastic, and the color palettes are great.
noticed that with the glass color, the consistency is a little thicker than “normal” acrylic paint. If you experience this, it’s normal, but just keep it in the back of the head.One thing s about painting, glass – it’is important that you have several thin layers and drying in between, to try, in contrast to glob it. Your primer will make you think that it’s no cover, and it’s going to take you four years to complete the vase . . .
but after a few coats, you’is ll you to find under the cover well and to take care of you don’t have. It’s just the nature of painting on glass.
It’s also crucial to allow the paint to dry between layers, because if you don’t, you’ll find just the color to remove from the glass that you already painted. How do I know that?? Let’s only personal experience (oopsie tell!).

Transfer patterns
you have two ways to your design onto the glass. You’ll want to print the attached pattern in the size you fit in your glass, and then stick it on the inside. Then either:

let the pattern pasted in, as you paint the design
keep track of the elements of the pattern with chalk, you can paint directly over

So or so, depending on what’s easier for you. Here is how to make this project.
Mason Jar Christmas Vase
Collect These Supplies

FolkArt Enamel colors – Calypso sky, engine Red, Fresh Foliage, licorice, Wicker White
glass jar (a spaghetti sauce jar size is perfect
page is) of sheet music
painters tape
Assorted ribbon
Sharpie Marker – Black
Small flat brush
chalk (optional)
Mod-hodgepodge (optional)

1. Band from the area, on the mason jar, as shown. Paint the area, liquorice and dry (you don’t to the notes; that’s for illustration only).
note: the black background adds interest to your last painting, as it will change the way the color looks in some areas and adds dimension! Very cool, if you don’t have the painting skills.
2. Print the pattern and tape on the inside of the jar. Trace the pattern with chalk, or you can leave the pattern in there, so you can add the color directly at the top.
3. With the finished photo as a reference, paint in the elements of the pattern on the Christmas vase. Don’t worry, you have it exactly – worry about having fun! Remember to cover not to complete the background; the black to show through gives a whimsical look, and the design makes more fun!
4. Remove the painter ’s Band, and then add the checked black and white, to the painted design, square, let it dry.
5. With your Sharpie marker to add details to the leaves and cardinal. You can also add the word 'joy' (or any other word that floats your boat).
6. This step is optional, but you can seal the final design with Mod-hodgepodge. What I like about seal design is that it’s only an extra layer of protection for all of your hard work. Another way – add the Sparkle Mod smorgasbord! To touch the’s a cute holiday that is always fabulous (hmmm . . . !).
To your Christmas-vase-project, add the notes and tape-tape around the edge of the glass. If you choose to have the touch of leaves inside, add dry branches (don’t add water!).
Otherwise, you can use the notes and make it a real vase! Merry Christmas!

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