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Painting and Decorating: IKEA drawer Organizer

you’ll love this IKEA drawer organizer tutorial! I took an old organizer, and made it pretty with the polka dotted papers and Mod-smorgasbord.

many years Ago, the ex and my (now) boyfriend bought me drawers this Moppe organizer from IKEA and then did a crappy job of painting, to paint it with milk. Well, his heart was in the right place!years later, he was sitting around, looking ugly, and I thought, “it’s time to tag this bad boy.” So that is what I did.I chose polka dots and buttons for my DIY drawer organizer, two of my favorite things! As you can see, it has a whole new look.Now I want to actually, that the things in them, rather than they hide. Get the instructions for my DIY drawer organizer below.IKEA drawer organizerCollect ThisFolkArt acrylic paint – Dove grey, medium Supplied in grey, Soft Apple (or colors to match your papers)Mod-hodgepodge gloss IKEA Moppe drawer set (or similar)Scrapbook paper – I used Amy Butler (3 sheets coordination for the outside and 2 sheets of coordinating for the drawers)ribbon – 3 yards of coordinating buttons – 18 coordinating flat paint brush craft gluePencilCraft knife and Mat or scissorsSandpaperBrayer (optional)instructions1. Remove the drawers and completely sand everything to a smooth surface. Wipe away the dust.2. You cut the paper for the drawers, place the drawer face down on the back of the paper. Trace with the pencil. Repeat for each drawer by slight variations in the size. Keep track of the paper to the drawer. If you are tracing are finished, cut the papers and set them aside.3. Place the drawer holder face down on the BACK of the paper. Trace each side separately due to slight variations in size. After tracing, cut the papers and set them aside.4. Painting, three drawers, dove gray, three Medium Gray, and then the drawer holder Soft Apple. Put on several layers and dry everythinglet5. You start with the drawer, holder and work one side at a time. Apply Mod-smorgasbord in a medium thick layer directly on the wood and then put the paper down, smoothing them thoroughly (I use a brayer).you Keep smoothing until you get the air bubbles out of the paper.Tip: you may need tomore Mod-hodgepodge add to the corners, as these will generally dry the fastest6. Repeat with the other two sides and let them dry for 15 – 20 minutes. While the drawer-holder is dry, glue the paper to the fronts of the drawers with Mod smorgasbord. Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes.7. Completely coat the drawer with a hodgepodge set and drawers with two coats of Mod, so that to dry for 15 – 20 minutes between coats. This seals the project.8. Add ribbon and button embellishments with craft glue – proposals are shown on the photo. Project allow to dry for at least 24 hours prior to use.Have you ever used a wood drawer decorated set like this? Let me know in the commentsknowhr class="wp-block-separator"/>would you like To see some of the other Mod-conglomeration projects with IKEA-surfaces? Try this:Lazy Susan make over, simple fabric drawer easy easel makeover IKEA Lined furniture with fabric

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