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Make your Own necklace with seed packet

You can seed your own necklace with a dollar store pack and some other craft store supplies! This is a simple jewelry project.
spring is just around the corner, my friends! I can believe it’t, how nice is the weather here in Atlanta. It’s just perfect.
But I have the feeling this is only going to last for so long, and then it is#8217;s hot potato here in the vicinity. But I can enjoy spring while it lasts!
I was a dollar recently at the Shop and took a few seeds to try my hand at spring garden work. I know don’t how it’s going to work, but hey, it’s only $1-ish per package! So no harm if it doesn’t happen for me.
And because I like to save anything pretty, I kept the front of the seed packet and then turned into a DIY chain.
When I say, this was the easiest craft ever, I mean it! If you want to learn to make your own necklace, this tutorial is for you.
you Collect to Make your Own necklace
it Supplies

-wood trailer
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
seed packet
FolkArt acrylic paint – color-coordinate with your seed packet
Satin cord
jewelry findings

grab a empty seed packet-and-wood trailer. Wrong’t my flowers pretty? Well, they aren’t the flowers not yet, but you will!
Trace your wood pendant on your seed packet with a pencil or ball-point pen. Cut out the seed packet just inside the line, and set them aside.
Paint the back of the pendant with the color of your choice. I didn’t paint the front, because the seed packet image is cover, but you can change the color a little on the edges just in case.
to Paint a medium layer of Mod smorgasbord on the front of the trailer, and smooth the seed-packet-neck on the front.
let it Dry for 15 – 20 minutes, then coat the entire trailer in Mod smorgasbord and let it dry. Make sure to punch the hole for the jump ring/necklace string with a pencil.
After the Mod hodgepodge is dry, add Dimensional magic on top of the pendant and let dry overnight., add a jump ring to the pendant and then satin cord. You can chain a regular necklace, but I thought, the satin cord would be fun. So make sure you cut a long enough length so that it slips over the head!
do you love my necklace? You can make your own necklace for only a few dollars – and they make great gifts And I’m always in the market for new gift ideas, how about you?

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