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Make them a DIY Desk Organizer from Recycled materials

Old cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls to create a unique DIY Desk organizer! This craft organizer is the perfect choice if you’re on a budget.Scroll to the bottom of the post you will see a video, how to make a recycled Desk organizer of your very own. You’ll also get two bonus projects in the video: a drawer organizer and a magazine holder!

I’ve been saving some cereal boxes and toilet paper/paper towel rolls for a while. I’m not just some weird hoarder – I had a goal.My goal was to re-use these items in a Mod hodgepodge project. I thought, if I can everyone else can these items for crafts, too. So I challenged myself! To do it’s kind of fun, sometimes, to see what you come up with.DIY Desk OrganizerBased on what I had in my stash, I made this DIY Desk organizer, aka the perfect Recycling craft. I just used what was on hand, so I didn’t even spend a dollar for this.I won’t say it’s completely free of charge, since you may purchase some supplies . . . but you should challenge yourself to see how cheap you can do it by rummaging through the recyclables.Before we jump into the project, I would like to know some things about this Desk organizer, you should keep in mind while you’re there. I hope this help!paper for your Craft OrganizerI used a couple of large pieces of scrapbook paper, and my Desk organizer. You can use almost any paper for this project, but you should have a few things in mind.you’ll want to, the paper is thick enough so that you don’t, the labels of the cartons through the paper. Therefore, papers such as tissue paper, wrapping paper, and napkins might be too thin.There is a way to that, though. You can always use the fields with a white acrylic paint or primer paint to the cut in the desired sizes, so that the labels don’t show. It’s an extra step to paint, but it will see your craft organizer is so much better when it’s done.
PlaquesThe funny thing about this craft organizer that you can use any size or style of the wood plate! The wood plate that I chose was an 11″ x 14″ oval that I bought from Michaels.I would like to encourage you to try this in a different Form, if you want to. I think that even the natural wood wheel would look cool for this DIY Desk organizer – and you could leave of course, if you so choose.formulaI used Mod hodgepodge Satin for this project, but you could use Glossy, Matte or Hard coat. You can also hodgepodge of glitter here and there with a little Shine or Extreme Glitter Mod. Enter the craft organizer with multiple layers and decoupage formula you choose, so it is durable.you want the toilet paper rolls to stand up, in particular, to constant things in and pull things – I’d say use at least three layers of formula that you choose.Are you ready to immerse yourself in the project? Here’s how I got my craft organizer with Mod conglomeration!A Craft OrganizerCollect These Suppliescereal boxes and toilet-paper roll-wood plaqueMod hodgepodge satin acrylic paint in colors of your choice (white is optional)Scrapbook paper ribbon in coordinating color scissors craft knife craft gluePaintbrushPen or pencilRulerTape Here are my supplies. I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to get out of this pile o’ stuff in a Desk organizer, but hey, it was a challenge. Right? I had no idea how to measure the cereal box for my bins, I’m to be honest with you. So I just cut 1/4. the box from the floor and then went to cut the rest of the boxes in the same way. I knew I would have a front row and a rear row, so I use the “back row,” have the boxes larger than the front row. So, here is a ready-to-am. I also have two smaller boxes, placing the larger boxes at the bottom and taping it to the exterior. Don’t worry – you’ll cover the tape with Mod smorgasbord and paper. I’m completely exhausted at this point. But I have a structure for my Desk organizer! If you want to, cut the TP/paper towel tubes to different heights to add interest. I needed a break from cutting cereal boxes, so I painted my plaque. Choose colors that coordinate with your paper, paint the whole panel and then let it dry. Now, this is an optional step . . . but I still have some white paint on the edges of my cereal boxes and tubes. Sometimes, my paper doesn’t fit EXACTLY, and I want to show didn’t the brown of the tubes or the colors of the box (because they didn’t match). If you are, in particular, you might want to do this. If not, don’t worry about it. so now that everything is painted and ready to keep track of time. Take a pencil or pen and trace each tray on the scrapbook paper. Note that for the larger compartments (i.e., to keep track of the cereal boxes) that you could need, and cut several pieces of paper to completely cover. you Cut everything. Add Mod smorgasbord on the back of all the papers . . . And then you are going to decoupage their subjects with the paper and Mod-hodgepodge. All you hold down until it sticks, supple, and let it dry, 15 – 20 minutes. Then give it a top coat. Don’t forget to seal the Mod smorgasbord of your plaque as well, just to. Band to Add to the top edge of each drawer with the craft glue. I roll it to the edges of the toilet paper/paper towel as well. you can Stick each compartment downward to the plaque with craft glue. You’ll see white around the edges, but it dries clear.
What do you think – are they for a DIY-Desk-organizer of your own? Let me know in the commentsknowIf you want to have a video to see how the project is made (plus two bonus projects), just click play below:

It’s also a printable how-to-card here:

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