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Make Mini-Halloween-Decoration

This mini-Halloween-decoration-with a $1 plaque, and $1 birdhouses from the craft store. Very simple, colorful and fun!

Yay! I’ve been waiting for all year, and it’s finally here – the week before Halloween. This means that I’m going to post Mod smorgasbord of Halloween projects for the whole week. I like Halloween, because: are
Orange and black is nice together

-you can dress up as someone or something you want

-Candeh is yummeh

-No gifts-print

–Mod hodgepodge of projects, most of them are very funny, this time of the year, duh!
I’m starting the week with a project of my own – mini-Halloween-decoration. I love mini things, and it seems only fitting that I combine the minis with my favorite holiday. I’m abbreviate instructions here, as I don’t, tutorial pictures, but it’s easy to use.
I used Martha Stewart papers and embellishments from last year (she has a couple of really cool ones this year at Michaels). Acrylic paint was used.
Halloween bird houses

color birdhouse black, roof, perch and base color of white.
Make orange polka dots on the top of the black with the end of a brush
Cut to fit the paper, the roof and the Mod-hodgepodge down.
you Seal the entire birdhouse with two coats of Mod-smorgasbord.
Add ribbon and embellishments (buttons and stickers) with craft glue.

Black Cat plaque

Paint the plaque and the wood-cat piece of black.
Cut the papers to fit the front brake pads, and then the cat piece. Mod-hodgepodge the paper on to the cat piece, best you re-submit it and set it aside.
Sprinkle the outside of the plaque with FolkArt Extreme Glitter in black (this stuff rocks!).
let it Dry and then Mod-hodgepodge the paper down on the top of the plaque. Mod patchwork on the top and let it dry.
they Stick to the bottom of the cat piece, a Band on the top and some eyes (orange rhinestones) with craft glue. Add black rhinestones to the edges on the points.

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