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Make Halloween potion bottles from Recycling containers

Learn how to bottle this cool Halloween potion bottles, old pill! You’ll receive free printables in this post.
Steve saves it all. I’m not as big of a fan of saving things, but he can imagine the use he’s for you. He takes tablets for his heart condition, and as a TON of leftover bottles . . . he’s been saving it for trade for a while.
For Halloween this year, he has decided to recycle potion bottles from those old pill bottles! And the real treat is that he created some printable labels that you can use with your potion bottles! Fun, isn't it?
need to print only these bad boys, a little paint, Mod smorgasbord, and you will receive your crafts. Learn how to you just in time for the holidays, you can find here!
DIY potion bottles for Halloween
Collect These Supplies

Old pill bottles
pill bottle labels, printable sheet
Avery inkjet labels – you can see the whole page and you use a punch, or, we used these 1 1/2″ label
Mod smorgasbord – use the Mat or the ancient mask
acrylic paint – black, light-gray, Medium-gray
FolkArt Painted surfaces – anti -
brush (and a stencil brush)
sandpaper or cleaning sponge

Here are bottles of the pill, we have started with on the left side. The labels were very easy to peel, because the surface of the bottles were smooth. Having said that, the smoothness can cause a problem with the color.use a spray paint for plastic-or 2) rough up the surface of the bottles before painting. I have to paint tons of acrylic and don’t you enjoy make sure to buy something EACH time I want to make a project – especially with the stash of paint that I have!
After the bottles are roughened (or spray paint), add black to the base. Paint the lid a medium gray. The lids don’t need to be beaten up, because you probably have textured edges, and the printed letters on the top. Let dry.
Print your pill bottle labels, printable sheet. If you have the whole sheet of labels, you’re a 1 1/2″ circle punch also. Also, make sure to do a test, if you are the 1 1/2″ circle labels have bought . . . I can’t guarantee your brand with our printable sheet!
brush your bottle with Mod-hodgepodge. This helps secure the label, and more importantly, keeps the color from chipping on your bottle! You may have sanded or used spray paint, but an errant finger nail chip color from can.
The Mod-hodgepodge for protection! You can also project the antique Matte Mod smorgasbord to a little antique to you.
starting a burden with the middle and light gray tones. You’ll brush randomly with a stencil brush. You can play a simple, layering as you see fit, even going on the label.
with the lid as well. AND on the lid, you’ll add some of the FolkArt Painted surfaces – rust. There is texture and looks like blood/rust/some other identified substance. What a creepy touch!
Finally, a small black over the rust for the time being, it is even more. To finish, paint the whole bottle with Mod smorgasbord to seal. Let it all dry.
These potion bottles make a perfect addition to a spooky display!
you Are partial to poison, toad’s feet, a rat tail, or the essence of evil? Let me know in the comments! Happy Halloween!

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