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Make garden markers from Thrift store spoons

Old thrift store spoons, Mod collection and your favorite scrapbook papers, to garden markers, your neighbors will be envious of. These spoon plant markers are so inexpensive and look so cute!

I’m so jealous of those gardens outdoor. Sure, I love the place I live and my patio, but I wish I had a better garden for sure. Gardening, especially weeding, relaxes me – I feel fulfilled.
I think, in the outdoor area an extension of the interiors, so that I can decorate, of course, like you in free as well. I remember from my childhood, used by my mother, to garden markers from old silver to try so I decided to make it myself (well, for some of my potted plants).
you used to etch the metal anyway, but my “skillz”’t that advanced, so I decided to just improvise, with Mod-smorgasbord in the open.
It’s perfect for decoupage projects, the last in the sun and rain. So, what I’m saying is to keep this Marker for a long time. You can learn how below.
DIY spoon Plant markers
Collect These Supplies

Thrift store spoons
Mod hodgepodge Outdoor
Spray paint
Scrapbook paper and embellishments

This is a project that all of your neighbors is sure to love! You go outside and hammer to flatten the spoon (the round end). There was a loud Ping sound that is pleasant. Better yet, do this at 2 o'clock.
you’re ready to spray paint – with a strong, free paint and for both sides.
Trace your garden markers on some scrapbook paper.
Cut out of the paper. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I cut a little inside the pencil line so that some of the painted spoons could show to the edge.
Decoupage paper onto the spoon and let them dry.
Add any embellishments that you like – adhesive letters, in my case – and then paint a layer of Mod smorgasbord of Outdoor over-the-top. They give several layers, so that it’s really - long-lasting! Let it dry for 24 hours before taking them outside.
you’ll be surprised how this magnificent garden-is a Marker look like and how you keep. Maybe it’s just me, but I think these are the best looking garden-Marker on the block. I can I say, all I paid for was the spoon. The rest of the consumables were purchased to dive from stash. Whee!!

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