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Make Duck Tape Tropical Coasters

Learn how to cute, tropical coasters with a roll of Duck Tape, acrylic paint, and some cheap wood plaques! Customize with your favorite pattern.

Sometimes you will be searching through your stash and find things that you can’t you are thinking of buying. I’m to be honest . . . it happens to me all the time.
And that’s exactly what plaques that suddenly, my craft shelf is happens with four-wood. With the help of Duck Tape, I turned these little guys into coasters. That’s what they seemed to be perfect for!
; ve done some types of roller coasters, but never with Duck Tape . . . what a perfect use for a cool pattern. And coasters a tropical theme mean, just for the summer. Here’s how I made them!
Collect These Supplies

Duck Tape – I used tropics
wood plaques – four
Mod hodgepodge of Dishwasher-safe
acrylic paint – two coordinating colors
Craft knife and Mat
glass (or other round object)

Start by painting your plaques with the darker color. They give several layers to the edge, to the top. You’ll see why later. Let dry.
Duck Tape to Run on your craft Mat, slightly overlapping. Some Duck Tape patterns match, if you correctly; the tropical pattern makes this pretty good.
you have a few options for this step. Here’s in my favorite option: find a round object about the size of the plaque top, like a glass. That’s what I did! This makes it cut VERY easily with your Band in a circle.
If you don’t no round thing remotely close in size, use tissue-paper and a pencil to RUB the top of the plaque by a circle of exactly the same size to cut.
If you make it so, I recommend four separate rubbings of each panel . . . this is because these wooden plaques are not perfectly round! Trust me.
Use your cutter knife to cut four circles. Since the Duck Tape is overlapped, you’ll be able to easily peel it off the craft mat. At least I was.
Smooth directly on top of the wood plate. It’s almost a roller coaster!
Oh, and that's why they painted something over the edge of the plaque on the top. If you Duck Tape a circle isn’t EXACTLY the same size as the top of the panel, you’ll find color around the edge, instead of bare wood.
Now you’ll add the lighter color with a smaller brush around the edge of the panel. It doesn’t have to be perfect . . .
. . . because you’re going to sand, lighter area with a little sand paper to distress it!
NOW it’s a roller coaster! I love the awkward, because it gives the project a little texture and personality., add Mod hodgepodge of dishwasher-safe on the painted part of your coasters. Let dry completely before use. Don’t paint Mod smorgasbord on the top of the Duck Tape. It won’t keep . . . and Duck Tape is waterproof anyway, so no Problem!
I’m thinking my Duck Tape coasters are perfect for the summer . . . They would be PERFECT for a pool or tiki party!
Now . . choose your favorite pattern of Duck Tape’s website and make your own coasters. Also don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for more inspiration!
disclosure: I am working with duck brand Ambassador for the year. While I was compensated'm for my time, all opinions are 100% my own and honest – I love Duck Tape!

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