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Make DIY Quote art on canvas

Are you a fan of inspirational quotes? Turn them into DIY quote art with the help of Mod-hodgepodge. They look great in collections!

Sometimes you just need a wall of inspiration, when times are hard. Quote-art-wall, if you will. One of these walls that makes you feel good when you look at it and reminds you that you are strong and the hard stuff can do . . . and that your life is good.
If you’re in the inspiring art on the walls, this project is for you. It’s easy., you’re only Mod smorgasbord and canvases to create your DIY-quote art.
always on laser-jet, so that you don’t have any bleeding problems – such as at Costco or Kinko's (there are tips for decoupage with inkjet in my FAQ here).
Are you wondering where you have these fantastic prints as free downloads? Click on the links below. Then don’t forget to visit the post by Pinching a few cents to get more info!

the CTR shield
We can take the hard stuff
What I love most about my home
All of the other prints here (these are not free, but inexpensive)

DIY quote canvases to Pinch your pennies

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