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Make DIY Glitter Lined envelopes

These DIY glitter lined envelopes are easy to make and add a surprise pop of color when the envelope is opened! Glitter envelopes are perfect for party invitations.

Even with the advent of E-Mail and social media, although I love E-mail. Admittedly, I like it better when it's not a bill or advertising. No matter whether you want to send or receive E-Mails, it's fun to add a personal touch to letters and envelopes.
This DIY glitter lined envelopes are easy to make and add a surprise pop of color when the envelope is opened!
With glittering cardboard and Mod-smorgasbord, you can glitter to the inner lining of every envelope that the recipient only sees when the envelope is opened. The best part of this project is done in 10 minutes or less!
DIY Glitter Lined envelopes
Gather These Supplies:

V-flap envelopes
glitter box
Mod hodgepodge gloss
brush or foam brush

step 1: Insert the cardboard, glitter-side down on a hard surface and place the envelope opened, on the upper side. You trace the outer edge of the envelope on the carton.
step 2: Cut the shape drawn, but cut out the inside along the inner edge about 1 / 4 inch, so that the cut cardstock is actually smaller than the envelope.
Then you check the size by placing the paper in the envelope and make sure to include that when it is inserted all the sticky layer on the flap is fully visible, you still need this, the envelope.
step 3: On the back of the cardboard, brush on a thin layer of Mod-hodgepodge and carefully place the glitter paper back in the envelope and press it in place, so that the glitter peeks out of the door extend to the sticky part.
step 4: let dry for a few minutes. Then carefully fold to bend the flap over, the photo box in the right place.
Now sprayed lined envelopes are immediately ready for use! Recipients open their letters reveal a sparkling surprise in your envelope, and this is just as sweet as a personal card or letter. And the best part – there’s a bit of a mess for the receiver.
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