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Make a Trendy copper coasters on a Budget

Get the look of copper coasters with a small budget – with color! These are so easy to make with wood seats. Perfect for the entertainment.

I thought With just a couple of weeks until spring, I have some new copper coasters with the trendy copper and gold colors would be, since about spring time, we tend to talk to more people – no one really likes to change a lot in the winter.
I love how this turned out, and I think I would be to have a set for my mom as well. See how I made this copper-coasters so that you can create your own!
DIY copper coasters

wood squares
Mod hodgepodge Hardcoat
Metallic Gold Vinyl
Chalk Paint

step 1. Sand your wooden squares to give them a smooth surface and edge. You would like to remove splinters and rough surfaces and smooth out as much as you can. If necessary, use a palm sander for convenience.
step 2. You Can Paint Your Wood Squares. I opted for a vintage-blue-grey chalk paint as my base felt as I, as it complements the metallic colors – but they can also be black or a fun pastel color.
step 3. Colorize your Mod collection, by mix it with some pigment powder – I love Jacquard Pearl Ex, because it is very pigmented.
step 4. Mask half of the roller coaster and paint it with the Mod hodgepodge mixture, make sure that you only color in one direction.
step 5. Once dry, add a stripe of metallic gold vinyl to your DIY coasters and cut off the excess. You can seal it with another layer of Mod to protect the hodgepodge it from wear and tear.
Optional: you can add felt or cork on the bottom of the coasters so that you can scrape don’t your furniture.
And you’re done! Chat away with these chic and trendy coasters, it takes only minutes.
What are you looking forward to come spring? Don’t forget to check out my blog for more DIY and printables! Happy crafting, friends!
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