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Make a statement with the Ampersand DIY Pins

These cool DIY pins feature the Almighty ampersand. You’re in love with the wood-inlay-effect – and you can customize it how you want!
I love the ampersand – I just think you’re the most beautiful, the letter-form known to man. I have thought recently discover wood veneer and I, it would be a good idea, this wood-Inlay and characters DIY pins – and they were really easy to create, too! Come and see how I did it!
Make DIY Pins

wood craft, circle
wood veneer (available in cherry)
Silhouette Cameo / Other die-cutter / paper punching
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
watercolor (I Burnt Umber)I
Sponge dauber
hot gun
Pin back

glue your first step to find image material in an ampersand-Form! Are you looking for clip art, if you don’t a cutting machine. If you have a cutting machine, check the design store (Silhouette has an ampersand here).
step 1. Sand the bottom of the circle, to make it clean and free of splinters – most of the craft store wood circles that are in big packs’t, is ground and smooth.
step 2. Measure Your Circle. With your die cutter, cut a circle out of the wood veneer to the size of the wood circle, with the commercial and image (or any letter) that you want to use. No Punch? No problem – you can also use a wooden, circular punch and a mold, the stamp of your choice.
step 3. Keep the circle veneer danced to the craft store wooden circle – most of the wood-veneer panels have a self-adhesive back, but if your doesn’t, a thin layer of Mod-pick-and-mix before application will do the trick.
step 4. Sand the edges of the veneered circular to ‘mix’ the veneer on the wood to make it look seamless.
step 5. To paint use paint diluted watercolor to the edges and the back of the circle – this is, to make it look a whole lot more.
step 6. To coat, use Mod hodgepodge to complete the pieces and make them durable for daily use. I have at least two layers of Matte Mod-hodgepodge, and a layer of hard coating Mod smorgasbord.
step 7. Finally, add your pin back with hot glue – I find that a stronger glue is’t needed for the wood pieces and hot glue is sufficient, but you can always similar with E-6000 glue or something.
And you're done! The awesome thing about this DIY pins, the adjust is not only commercial, but words as well – and you can create your own!
I would love it if you follow me, or check out my blog for more instructions and ideas on how this 🙂 Happy crafting friends!
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