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Make a paper straw heart wreath for Valentine's Day

You make a beautiful pink and red heart wreath that says “I love you!” This is a fun and easy valentine craft, and they use paper straws!
I had accumulated quite a large collection of straw last year when I decided to make this craft. Yep – I’m one of those people. Every time I’d visit the Shop, I’d you will find a box with paper straws in the color that I needed to have. They were simply called my name!
I realized I had enough red and pink to make a valentine craft, and that’s how this wreath was born. It’s a fairly simple craft, so you can make these with the kids (although they’re going to operate the hot glue gun).
It also uses the Mod-hodgepodge of Loud colours AND glitter. How can you lose?
paper straw wreath heart
Collect These Supplies

wooden heart plaque
Mod smorgasbord of pure colors – Pink
Red, White acrylic paint
Tissue paper – white
paper straws – red and pink, a box each of
The Thickers adhesive letters
silver glitter
hot gun glue

Paint your wood heart plaque with white.
Cut your tissue paper into several squares. Enough to cover the entire plaque.
Use your Mod smorgasbord of pure colors to decoupage the bottom of the tissue paper squares. You are viewing the hue it adds to the project! Color red around the outer edge of the heart plaque and let it dry.
Add your self-adhesive letters on the front. My letters ARE REALLY FUNNY. They have a removable cover!
Check this out! If you are your letters’t like this, you can letter just regular glitter.
But, what’s is cool because you can add glitter color of your choice. I chose silver.
Once that was done, I used hot glue my straw to keep straws on the back. I have a bit of a snafu – I wasn’t put on properly, so I had to cut out a small heart template from the tissue paper, to help me! It could help you too.
take a look at the finished wreath! So easy to make, and so fun. Now, what other holidays crafts I can integrate, the paper straws in? Whee!

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