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Make a Halloween wreath with Pom-Pom action

If you want a Halloween wreath this year, that's a little more simple, but unique, look at you with orange pom poms and paper rosette.

you want to make a Halloween wreath this year? It’s one of my favorite Halloween-craft-ideas! I wanted a little bit of fat wreath this year; something a little modern, but a little bit crazy, just like me. Also I wanted to with my Sizzix Big Shot in the project.
. I use don’t really any of those electronic die-cutting on a regular basis. I’m more in line with my Big Shot and with the hand by just winding the paper or cloth. My only regret is that I don’t the Hello Kitty version!
happened So it is easy so that it’s Sizzix Fresh Vintage Blog Hop time, and I was able to use one of the tools in the hop to my project. I was also able to use to, Halloween-paper-pom-pom trim and Mod-hodgepodge, so all is right with the world. Are you interested to know how it came to the project? Then you read further.
Make a Halloween wreath
Collect These Supplies

Sizzix Bigz die flowers 3-D #2
Sizzix Big Shot
foam flower wreath – 9″
Mod hodgepodge gloss
fabric-scraps, black
Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween EK Success – paper, embellishment, button
Pom-Pom trim, orange
EK Success punch scalloped
hot glue gun
- scissors

My first step was to cut the black fabric into strips. I didn’t prepare the fabric, because I thought I wanted to fraying. Oh, and I ran out of time, haha. You see that dog hair? It’s all over everything I own, no matter how much I vaccuum.
I wrapped the fabric around the wreath form. It’s pretty simple, just paint Mod smorgasbord on the wreath form and then wrap to press the fabric as you go). Then Mod smorgasbord on the upper side of the strip.
you Work your way around the wreath, a strip of fabric at once. I let the half of the wreath, allow to dry and then the other half. It’s is dry, give the wreath one more layer and allow to drylet.br> according to the instructions here, which I folded with a tape of my die and my paper and sent it through the machine. Actually, I wanted it eight times. Then I had to take a break, because I needed a pudding cup after expending so much energy by just winding the paper. A joke (not really).
The instructions say to crumple the paper, but the paper is thicker, I wrinkled just a bit of it. I just thought that’t want to flat it.
I wrapped the wreath with the pom-pom trim and hot glued it to the bottom.
Then I have the hot glue gun, to a) burn to begin the crap out of the fingers, and b) glue the petals of the flower on the wreath.
Furthermore, the petals, gluing down with the hot glue. Glue them all down, until you see a flower build in a circle.
I punched out a circle and then hot glued it in the middle of my flowering – hot glue the button to the right above him. Let everything dry and you are ready to hang.

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