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Make a Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe game

Use a wood to create a box and bottle lid this unique Halloween tic-tac-toe craft. Children have so much fun with this Halloween game!

Walter impressed us with its projects for over a year now – and I love really, really is, what he does for Halloween! I’m not sure if you remember that, its funny jack-o-lantern magnets or cute Halloween-cupcake-socket tutorials, but these are a must.
He’s back with a Recycling project, a bit of fun this Halloween, and I love it. Here’s how he made his Halloween tic-tac-toe.


As you may know, I adore Halloween and the pictures. I have been wanting to create a Recycling craft tutorial for some time and this Halloween game is super fun to make.
Halloween Tic Tac Toe
Sometimes they make things out of discarded objects can be surprisingly good . . . I am so pleased with the way this traditional, fun game came out. This is how I made it:

Any Mod collection . . . I used caps Mod hodgepodge gloss and three-Dimensional magic
10 plastic, washed and dry! To me, the almond milk I drink came, and I have a 1″ open.
1″ Fiskars Circle Paper punch
Halloween punch
Mod smorgasbord-tool-set
6″ x 6″ jewelry box, got mine at a yard sale . . . You can buy newer work-in-progress boxes are available at most craft stores

I created a 6″ x 6″ digital image with vintage Halloween ephemera and a laser had made a copy. If you don’t have Photoshop skills, no problem – use scrapbook paper with pre-printed graphics!
Divide the square of three vertically-and three horizontally-and Mod-smorgasbord in your grid according to your wishes. I then decoupaged the sides of the lid and the sides of the box, orange and black textured cardstock.br> It is so good! Next, seal the entire box with Mod-hodgepodge for a durable finish. TIP: I have the NEW silicone Mod hodgepodge Mat. WOW, I love this product!!! This Mat is fantastic! I use it to decoupage on old discarded Newspapers.
no more unwanted “image-transfers” on my decoupage elements . . . and clean up is so easy! I hope that Plaid carries larger sizes in the future.
For the stones, I have two (1″ square) designs with a couple of Halloween stamps (skull and jack o’ - lantern), and my 1″ Fiskars circle paper punch to cut out the images. Decoupage the pictures in the cap, let dry and repeat!
***you want to make sure that the insert is completely coated with Mod conglomeration, including the pages or the three-Dimensional magic seep into the picture. I tripled coated my characters.
Then I have the Mod hodgepodge of Dimensional magic and let dry overnight. She came HORNY; from the looks of it, I have a resin coat without the mix and toxic smell.
The game pieces are in the box for storage . . . Genius! Project completed! Let’s game Halloween tic tac toe on family game night! This is a great skill for kids and parents – far away from playing video games and not interacting with the family.
another with my niece and nephew and their introduction to a game of tic-tac-toe. Happy Halloween!

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