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Make a DIY stocking holder for Christmas - Mod-hodgepodge rock

If you don’t have a fireplace, it’s right! You can still have a DIY stocking holder for Christmas . . . only you can make it with your own images and Mod-smorgasbord. did you Know I collect children’ vintage;s books? Yep! A big ole collection . . . I especially love the vintage Golden books.There is something magical about these books, they are very special to me. Some of them have seen better days, my rejected “Jingle Bells” book. I've decided to do some interior illustrations for decoupaging.Have you ever stopped to what to do with your stockings if you don’t have a fireplace mantel? I have the project for all the DIY-ers: a Christmas stocking holder. hosiery “wall art” holder. This project is not just perfect for all that a place to take your stockings this season! DIY-stocking-holderSupplies you need:Discarded vintage book piece of wood (5″W X 6 1/4″H X 3/4″ thick)letter “L” Has a hook (I do at Michael's on clearance for 30 cents; each letter, the hat, hook)Scrapbooking paperMod patchwork Mat & Sparkle Mod PodgePaint (I) FolkArt French Blue prime the wood Prime the wood with FolkArt French Blue, allow it to dry.Disassemble “L” Has a hook with a Philips screwdriver. These hooks were on clearance at Michaels, I bought a pair, mainly for the parts (hooks and hangers). I'll have the letter(s) for some other project in the future. I chose two interior illustrations in the “Jingle Bells” book. Decoupage a picture on the front and another on the back. I cut 3/4″ - inch strip from a piece of holiday scrapbook paper, decoupaged to the sides and let them dry. This part was particularly fun: with Sparkle Mod smorgasbord! Parts of the “Santa” the illustrations were white a bit and needs some contrast.you can Mix the Glitter Mod hodgepodge of good and paint over the snow. This gives the illustration a 3D look. Let it dry for 20 minutes . . . I painted some of the “Sparkle” Mod smorgasbord on the top of the figure on the back, looks awesome! You can see’t it, if it’s hanging, but it’s a funny touch anyway. Let dry for 20 minutes . . .next, I measured the block to figure out where I wanted my hooks. I added a sawtooth hanger to the top, then attached to the hat hooks on the bottom of the plaque. tip: Use an awl to mark the holes and make the Assembly easy. you Attach a self-stick rubber bumpers to each corner on the bottom. These make the stocking holder more secure when hanging on the wall. It also helps the plaque that move.Ready to hang! This is such a great idea, if you don’t have to hang a fireplace stocking. you can also use linen for this project for their Pets, with a photo copy of a pet image is decoupaged to the plaque.Or you can use pictures of people you love, the owner of in can hold room keys, blanket, robe, etc . . . use your imagination! Try it, I'm super happy with my Christmas-stocking-holder. Fun and a beautiful keepsake from my childhood.hr class="wp-block-separator"/>If you love this project, check out these other Christmas decorating ideas from the blog:How to make a Christmas BowlMason Jar Christmas vase farm house style Christmas SignDIY wooden Christmas stockings, hand Painted Christmas Block

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