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Make a DIY Instagram necklace

Celebrate your love for your favorite smartphone app with this DIY Instagram necklace! Created with Dimensional Magic, it’s made to look just like the old logo.

Sometimes we have to those we love honor. In this case, I am honoring Instagram with a DIY necklace. If you’ve never heard of Instagram, it’s a nice little photo app for your smartphone.
I LOVE Instagram for all of his wonderful filters that make my photos look decent . . . and for the ability of images to share silly things like fake hands to the nail salon or getting my coffee in the morning.If you would like to, in my adventures, I’m modpodge rocks on Instagram. Otherwise, here’s the instructions for my DIY Instagram necklace.
Collect These Supplies

wood-trailer – got me in the craft store
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
Mod hodgepodge Podgeables basic forms – the small circle
acrylic paint – I used, FolkArt brand in Coffee Bean, Daffodil Yellow, Apple Red and Pure Black, and Apple Barrel brand in Parakeet and Light Blue
Stencil tape in two sizes – 3/4″, and 1/4″
brush – you’ll be a small
jewelry need to jump-results –, the ring and the necklace
craft glue

If you haven’t see the Instagram logo, the way it looks. I wanted to me a simplified version.
Start with a wooden pendant. As close to a square as possible. I was in the fortunate position to be able to save these for $1 at my local craft store. If you can’t find to store in your craft, check Etsy.
Using stencil tape, mask off the top of the pendant.
Paint the top of the pendant with the brown color – give you have multiple layers and allow to dry.
section from a square in the top right. Paint it black and peel off the tape. Let dry.
color of the strip. Use the thinner stencil tape and a small brush. I just eyeballed the size of the strip and started at the left edge. You start with red and let dry . . .
Then do yellow, green, and blue to dry between colors.
, If all the paint is dry, add Dimensional magic to the surface of the pendant and let dry.
I realized, somewhere in the chain of process that one of the Mod-hodgepodge acrylic forms the perfect size of the lens of my Instagram camera. I painted the back black, let that dry, and then it stuck.
Add the jump ring and necklace and you are ready to show off your DIY Instagram necklace love to the world.

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