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Make a Colorful Confetti tray in minutes

Ready for the party?? You can decorate a clear acrylic tray with confetti and Mod-hodgepodge. The confetti tray is lightweight, and perfect for a celebration or home decor.

Hey there! Jessica from The Confetti Bar, the coolest confetti shop on the block, where we believe that happiness is to be celebrated! I love to have fun confetti-fold elements decorate my house, and the confetti is my new obsession!
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Colorful Confetti tray
Collect These Supplies

Clear acrylic drawer
Mod-hodgepodge (you can use any kind, really, but if you want to get extra fancy, try some of the Extreme Glitter Mod-smorgasbord!)
sponge paint brush

Start by spreading some of the Mod smorgasbord on the bottom of the tray and evenly. You don’t want it to be too thick, that it won’t dry properly, but they also want it thick enough to hold on to the confetti! (*I personally chose the Mod-hodgepodge the sides of the bowl, so they would be sparkling with glitter, but you can choose to do just the bottom!)
Sprinkle on some confetti in a uniform and complete layer (you can use your fingers to press down, so that it can be flat and even like it.) Let it dry for a few hours, until the Mod is a hodgepodge do not know.
tap the excess confetti and go back in for a second coat of Mod smorgasbord. Use brush with your sponge to ensure it is in the nooks and crannies! Again, the goal is to make it as flat and even as possible. Let your confetti tray to dry completely (I leave it over night to sit.)
*Once this layer is completely dry, you can leave it as is, or, if you’re really ambitious, you go back for a final coat with Mod hodgepodge of Hard-Coat).
Use your confetti tray display little knick-knacks on your coffee table or serve some magical Breakfast in bed!
I love the look of the Extreme Glitter Mod-hodgepodge, mixed with the colorful confetti!
Bonus: you can also flip the tray, so you have a perfectly flat, raised surface!
The appearance you prefer? Both ways look fab with me!!!
In selecting the perfect colors for your subject, remember, we have tons of pre-made confetti options in our confetti store, but if you want something, cool, we are specialized in custom confetti! You can also check out our blog for more fun (like this one about magical confetti Druze!).

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