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U-Bahn-Kunst (No Stamp Needed!)

To make you don’t need a fancy die cutter subway art! David will show you how to get this distressed subway art using your computer and Mod-smorgasbord.
I think it’s so cool that Man Podger David is bi-coastal – he’s spent a lot of time in both Los Angeles and New York! In this post, David will show you how to need subway art to commemorate his fave cities – and you don’t a fancy punch!
I like the plates, the lift of the names of the places are a bit, what is the subway art a lot of texture. This would look smashing on my wall (how about in dark teal??).Here’s David, how to subway-art. PS – you don’t a punch to these characters. You just need Microsoft Word!


maybe I'm a bit late to the party, but I'm totally hooked on subway art. I wanted to create something that my two "home" cities (LA and NYC) to be represented and I wanted to have something a little different than what I have seen. The goal was to create something fun, and as little as possible.

DIY subway art
've Used For the back wall – plywood cut to 2' by 16" rectangles

-Black and white (not pictured) Color

-For the street signs/slats I have strips of composite wood cut into 3"x14" strips. (You can use craft wood from Michaels, MDF, everything was pretty sturdy and thin.)br />
-Four additional strips of scrap wood ¼ thick and 22" long wood will do – you don't see them
I also:

-An old candle

-80 grit sandpaper

–'ve used;Mod hodgepodge Matt

-brush with foam

-Matte acrylic spray sealer

-glue (I used a hot glue gun)

-A scanner and printer,

-Electric Sander (optional)
step 1: preparation of the Boards
• I painted the edges and sides of the composite wood signs/slats white.

• After the white paint dried I rubbed my candle over the white with varying degrees of pressure.

• I then covered the entire face and on the sides of the slats with black paint and painted the plywood rear wall and a backing-strip black as well.

• After the black paint dried I used my 80 grit sandpaper, to sand the edges of the slats. The black color does not adhere to the candle wax, so you end up with a beautifully weathered edges.

• After that, I got my power sander to distress the edges of the backer-Board.
step 2: Make the street sign
I do not have a vinyl cutter, I didn't want to cut each letter by hand and my stencil skills are lacking, to say the least. So I decided to do it on the computer with MSWord.
Here is how I did it:
• I scanned a few of my finished slats and saved as a Jpg. I opened a New document in legal size in landscape orientation is Inserted, and the JPG of one of the fins.

• use of Word Art, I did the lettering in the font Arial.

• Itext-wrapping, the Option "before" and changed the word to the size I wanted.br />
• next, I made a further copy of the scanned Latte and brought it to the front.

• I chose the "color" option from the Format menu and clicked on a black area in the image that destroys most of the blacks in the image, so that you can with a rough, distressed texture.

• I moved me then, that the shift report in front of the Broadway lettering and viola – instant bad!!!
For the creation of variants (so that you don't all look the same), I scanned a couple of wood in my pieces and then simply rotated or cropped and stretched it out. After that I printed out, just my characters and trimmed them to the slats, and with a Mod conglomeration, attached to you.
a little afford and the decoupaged paper, so I have to bring two coats of a matte spray acrylic surface in the balance.
next, I hot glue my support strips in place:

And then brought the street signs to the strips – again using the hot glue gun And there you are – go; to make the’s, like the subway art!
I know some of the MS Word stuff can be confusing, so I'll monitor the comments and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!

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