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You can make Cheap DIY Christmas decorations

This cheap DIY Christmas decorations with fabric scraps and Mod-hodgepodge! This is easy, and both kids and adults love to do.
I know, I know – it’s almost the big day. But I haven’t holding my hand-made jewelry obsession this year, and you can always cheap nor these-DIY-Christmas ornaments for last minute gifts (if you give the ornament kind).
I discovered to Speak that when sewing, and they are the perfect way to see some of this leftover fabric that I know you have. The packages of plain ball ornaments’t that expensive, so with a bit of Mod-hodgepodge into the mix, you can cents for a pair.
As you can see, the process is very simple. You’ll cut your fabric scraps into squares first. Then you’re just a clear ornament balls and Mod-hodgepodge are the scraps right to the balls in a random fashion! It’s so easy and the results look great.
take a look at the tutorial for this cheap DIY Christmas decorations in here.

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