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You make a Mail holder with Mod-hodgepodge

If you’re like me, throw the mail on the table when you walk in the door. Instead, you can create an E-mail holders with a Mod collection and all stick together!

Mod hodgepodge Walter is at it again – the practical projects, which we use all can! It’s nothing wrong with that, now is it? In this tutorial, he’ll show you how an E-mail owner.
you Have this person in your life, the stack of mail in the stack? And you’ve asked the person politely to take the place of the E-mail somewhere, but you don’t?
This could help. Here’s the project from Walter.


If you’re like me and big on organization, then this project is perfect.
step 1:

you Provide an E-Mail-holder.
Some of the basic tools and consumables you need:
• Mod-hodgepodge Shine

• 3 pieces of 4″ x 5″ x 3/4″ Plywood

• pencil

• Mod-hodgepodge of Tools

• drilling

• tape measure and ruler

• awl

• Philips screwdriver

• a pair of scissors and a cutter knife

• Self-stick rubber Pads (optional)
step 2:

• measure and mark one of the pieces of plywood (BASE), 4″ x 5″ x 3/4″ for the 4 holes at each corner.

• Then you take an AWL, and push it into the plywood to mark the place . . . this step will help the line of the drill bit with the plywood.
step 3:

• With the help of a drill machine – in and drill through the plywood. Then use a countersink bit or A larger drill bit (the size of the screw head).
step 4:

• Drill the holes at about 1/8″ – 2/8″ deep. This is the “HOME” for the screw head.
step 5:

• At this point you are cut ready to go! Yay! Use, whatever floats your boat . . .
Then seal all 3 pieces of plywood. I really like it, with FolkArt Satin Sealer.

Let it dry for 15 minutes and then a second layer!
step 6:

Now that the pieces are dry, grab the “base.”

• you will Take an AWL and press through the pre-drilled holes and turning.


• screws, all 3 pieces, and (4) 1 1/4″. I SPAX-screws used, because I have so many.
step 7:

• Put a page on his page, and “po” to base.

• TIP: Stick the awl through the “base” and “Sidepiece;” in this way, if you power the screw(s) attach to it for ease of contact.

• Repeat until you are done! Screw should be flushed to the base. (see photo)

• Place a rubber pad / bumper over each screw head and the project completed.
thanks to Walter – I am totally this, the organizers need to. Yes, I’m a “the” E-mail people. Don’t forget to visit you Walter’s blog here.

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