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Make a Mason Jar night light in Three Simple steps

This DIY Mason jar night light can help a budget – and your children. The glitter is so sparkly and fun for the night!

Hi, it’s Courtney with arts and crafts by Courtney! Today I’m sharing how to make a simple mason jar night light for your kids room. This is such a simple project that could, even the children.
three of My boys love it with a night light in your room. I’m constantly buying them from the Dollar tree. This time, I thought I would glasses something with some mason. I had the night lit blue for a boy, and a multi-colored one for a girl's room.
DIY Mason jar night light
For these cool mason jar night light-project, you’re going to, the following:

Sheer Aqua Mod hotchpotch
Mason Jar
- battery Operated tea light candle

First steps
I took some small mason jars I had on hand. But an old pickle jar, porridge, baby food, etc. would work as well. I chose my Mod smorgasbord of choice and extra-fine glitter.
time to crafting!

Jar of 1
For the first glass, I decided to make it colorful. I started by painting on some Mod-smorgasbord in the points, then sprinkling my glitter on top. Then I added a few more Mod-smorgasbord in spots, and more glitter sprinkled.
I have a total of 4 different shades of glitter. Next, I have any extra glitter shook.
I let the glass dry overnight, but if you are not there first thing in the morning it should be dry by bedtime.
Jar 2
For my second glass, I wanted it to be blue. So I pulled out my “handy dandy” sheer Mod smorgasbord and covered the inside of the glass. Then, while it was still wet I used my glitter.
My second mason jar night light the tester, so I didn’t get any step-by-step pictures.
I let the jar dry for several hours as well.
- cut
Now it’s time to put your tea light!! I didn’t stick it down, just put it inside the jar on the top. We tested this in the kids rooms and they work perfectly.
I know my 2 and 4 years old, this mason love jar night lights in their rooms. I’ll type in the pink, 2 years old, he won’t notice, right?? 😉
My 6-year-old would like to make one for his room, but he wants a green one. I’ll shop for more glitter make a brief stop at the craft this weekend.
This mason jar night light would make a fun craft with the kids to a sleepover. Something fun you can take home. Plus, if you like the craft early enough, you could probably use it that night.
I don’t know what the DIY night light is my favorite, I’m thinking in part on the colored girly, but I, only the blue is really cool.
Hey, I could make one for me now! Maybe a yellow would be pretty?!?
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