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Make a Halloween centerpiece in Four Easy steps!

Make a Halloween centerpiece in four easy steps! These Halloween candle holders are so easy and budget-friendly.
Hi, it’s David from Cheltenham Road back with one, final, “I’m in a pinch”, Halloween-idea.
you See, I'm a last minute type. Despite the best of intentions, I’m often throw things together in a bit of hustle and bustle (such as taxes . . . oops).
So my challenge with this DIY-Halloween-candle-project was to keep it simple, fast, and (key for me) cheap. I hope it will be helpful for you, either now or, if you’re more than I am, in the next year!
I started with a quick run to the dollar store to grab a glass candle holder, fabric, paper and electric tea lights (colorful Halloween napkins would also be a great resource for this project, as they would all the leftover glasses, they had to have the house). Also, I have a few designs of my own that you can download, if you’d like.

not shown, Various dollar store candle holders and vases
Tissue paper
Matt Mod hotchpotch
graphic prints (on a laser printer or copier)
Electric candles
foam brush ()
cutter knife (not shown)
of scrap wood for the risers (optional)

Some of my candles stand slightly angled sides had to, so I needed a pattern for the paper. Make a pattern is very easy – here’s how!
you Use to mark a piece of tape to your starting point on the candle holder. Place the candle holder on a good size piece of paper. Roll the holder over the paper and draw the top and bottom edges as you go, until you find your starting point again.
Cut the pattern and go you’re good.
For the owners with angled sides, I have my pattern and just took the one I just printed and cut my paper to size.
I’ve always careful in the use of tissue paper with Mod smorgasbord – it just seemed so thin – but I thought I’d give it a shot, and it was surprisingly easy.
With a foam brush, I applied the Mod smorgasbord to the tissue . . .
, and then smoothed the paper into place on the candle holder.
fabric is on the sensitive side, but I didn’t have any problems with tearing. Wrinkles are a bit unavoidable, but in this case I think they add, rather than detract from the overall impression. I'm going to cut the excess down there after it dries.
with all my other candle holder and set it aside to dry.
After drying, I cut off all the excess paper, and gave each candle a sealing layer of Mod hodgepodge Mat.
After adding a few battery operated tea lights, I had a little heart.
On a tray or a mantle piece I think they make a nice addition to the Halloween decoration.
download to use If you’re interested, the graphics I design you can, by right-clicking on the links and save the PDF file:

Trick or Treat-final
spider-layers of paper

you Have a great Halloween to all!

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