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You make a ice cream stick photo frame

Learn how to build a ice-cream-stick-photo-frame-the easy way! This DIY popsicle stick frame is as easy as could do even a child. Decorate with fun patterns of washi tape.Skill Level: beginner. To make the perfect craft idea for kids Kids or adults who want something easy to view photos. We’re all fun, children’ craft here is in the vicinity. Maybe you’ve seen our slime recipe, our DIY stones, or even our complete list of 20 Mod hodgepodge crafts for children? I love the search and the crafts are easy to do for kids.With the kids home for the summer, you’re going to do a fun, colorful project for you to keep busy her little hands and heads. Might I suggest a Popsicle-stick picture frames crafts for you – with duck brand washi tape?Popsicle Stick picture frameThis popsicle stick frame is just about the easiest craft there is! If you can, use masking tape and glue, you can make it. It has a 4″ x 6″ printed image on the front with Glue Dots. The pattern on the front of the sticks with washi tape.duck brand Washi TapeAll of the washi tape is not the same! I would say that the really inexpensive types that I buy (you know, the 50 cents or dollar bin types) don’t stick as well as the nice ones that sit on the shelves in the craft store Packed.Honestly, there are a lot of brands of washi tape that don’t stick well, that's the reason why I’m going to go for quality. Duck Washi is really strong (the Band doesn’t shred as shred) and the glue sticks well.But it’s still removable from most surfaces, as with the other washi tapes! Plus, the pattern of the duck Washi sweet, and we all know that is important.Where you used to Get Popsicle SticksOur popsicle stick frame sticks that were 3/4″ x 7″. They were the “jumbo” sticks from Michaels. The craft stores and Wal-Mart go to find the best selection of popsicle sticks in various sizes.you can also find them at Dollar Tree sometimes, but usually only the smaller size. Of course, you can use popsicle sticks online.you’re happy to “used” popsicle sticks, but many times these are small, stained, chewed, bent, or broken!especially after you have children and you are in their mouths. But of course, you can still do this project with you, so that I’ll leave that up to you.Are you ready to learn how to use this Popsicle stick photo frames? You will hold to read. DIY Popsicle Stick frameCollect These Suppliesduck brand Washi Tape – I used pastel Blue and Multi-DotPopsicle sticks – 11 jumbo size scissors or a craft knife craft glueGlue DotsMod hodgepodge gloss (optional) Put the correct number of sticks for popsicle stick picture frame. Add a strip of washi tape on the front of the Sticks, smoothing, and then tear or cut carefully, after you’ve reached the end. Trim around the edge for the stick, if desired. Do not allow children to use scissors to do it, and adults can use a craft-knife. You can simply smooth down the bands around the edges. Here’s what the finished Popsicle stick looks like. Repeat the process with additional popsicle sticks . . . Until you are satisfied with the number you need in the size of your popsicle stick frame. Use to secure craft glue on the back (with two more popsicle sticks), the frame. Let it dry for about an hour. you can Print the image and use Glue Dots to keep it out of the frame. The nice thing is that the washi tape has a shiny upper side, so you can get the photo later! add Mod smorgasbord to seal your ice cream stick photo frame, if you like. You can hang it on the wall with Command strips.There are also many other ways to make your popsicle stick picture frame:Glue the magnets on the back and on the fridgeHot glue string on the back and hang the display on a plateare you even a little Popsicle stick and glue it to the back so that it sits on top of the table!

What projects are you doing for the summer with your children? Anything with a popsicle stick or washi tape? Let me know in the comments! Plus, check out these additional skills for littles:

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