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Make a SIMPLE paper Chain-Kids-advent-calendar

Children build their own easy holiday countdown with these kids advent calendar tutorial! From construction paper, candy-free.
all of these When I was little, we looked forward to, when our advent calendar the weekend after Thanksgiving. My mom wanted, we have countdowns, no sweets, and they always encouraged us to the things themselves.
Therefore, the paper ring advent calendar was born! This children's advent calendar idea’t original – it’s since I was small and I’m sure you will also. I wanted to see it again for those parents who had perhaps never will, and show you how easy it is!
One of the best things about this calendar is you can get a little help to make it. Of course with any scissors, an adult will need to monitor, but a child can the most (if not all!) of work!
paper Kids advent calendar
Collect These Supplies

Fiskars Orange-handled scissors
construction paper – at least four sheets of each color (brown and white)
moss rubber – black, orange, and brown
Mod patchwork or craft glue
glue wiggle eyes
ribbon, small wreath, pom-poms, or other embellishments
pen or pencil

set On the construction paper you are the ruler parallel to the short side and the track on the right side of the ruler. You move over to the ruler, and put the left side on the pencil line, then draw another line on the right side of the ruler.
Keep up the whole paper shut off is. You’ll be about 8 – 9 strips per sheet of construction paper.
Cut all the strips with your Fiskars Orange-handled scissors. And speaking of scissors, did you know that the Fiskars has sold 1 BILLION pairs of these since 1967? I think a large percentage of people, need to my mom, who always has her children under her scissors (ha)!
But seriously, these are my favorite pair of scissors. You don't have to put sharp blades (), and the ergonomic handle fits my hand well. I’ve loved these since I was a kid!
you’re going to want to 26 strips total – 25 rings for the countdown, and then one for the head.
Use a stapler, to, in turn, 24 of the strip of paper in the rings, attach them in a row. Staple the 25-ring, but don’t plug it in, and let the 26 strips of paper alone.
Pull your embellishments (such as antlers or a hat) directly on the foam rubber. Then cut with the scissors. The reason for the foam rubber, so that the decorations stick when glued to the paper chain. They provide a dimension to the project – construction paper only flop is over!
Add fun embellishments, if you want to, such as Band and a mini-wreath (I got that teenie-weenie wreath from Michael's!).
To the lonely rings, add your embellishments with craft glue (the hat, the antlers, nose, etc.). Let it air dry. Then you can attach to the main-ring chain with the last strip of paper.
you Hang your necklaces on the wall next to your tree, or in a place where the children can reach.
you’ll have to use them, their cut with the scissors from one of the rings every single day! From 1. December through Christmas morning. All that is left, is the head at the end of what you can save and use for the following year, a new children's advent calendar!

If you have a pair of scissors, love handles, Fiskars Orange-let me know in the comments! Also don’t forget to follow Fiskars on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for more.
disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation by me on behalf of Fiskars. The opinions and text are all mine.

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