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You can make a DIY-Breakfast-in-bed-tray - for Two dollars!

This DIY Breakfast in bed tray was a $2 thrift store! You can be inspired, this vintage drawer with this simple tutorial.Make a DIY Breakfast in bed tray When I saw the Breakfast in bed tray marked down to $2.00 at a local thrift store, I knew I had to get it. Thrift-Store-Breakfast-tray Also, in a rare moment of clarity, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and it involved Mod-hodgepodge-Transfer-Medium. There is also a red theme to go along with my kitchen tool shadow box, rolling pin, bookends, and kitchen-Cabinet-hardware.Did I mention that the croissants and coffee were in my vision as well? Here’s what I did, the tag of this Breakfast in bed tray.DIY Breakfast in bed trayFor this project I used:tablet-Poweredheirloom White Spray paint envirotex LiteSanderAn old candle (not in the picture)Sandpaper (220 grit and 100 grit)Mod-patchwork photo Transfer MediumMod hodgepodge of furniture (can beof the Hard coating as well)BrushRagsPrinted design trisodium phosphate (TSP) (optional)To get rid of all the dirt or oils that would mess up my paint, I cleaned the entire compartment with TLI wanted toI sanded the entire tray using a 220-grit sandpaper (sanding roughens give the surface, it is “teeth”, which will allow the next coat of paint stick better).Then, with my power sander, I sanded all the way down to the wood at the edges and corners.Ground specialistcreates A quick RUB with the candle on this ground edges of a barrier, which prevents the spray paint from sticking to the points.using-a-candle-wax-the-edgesI gave the tray two coats of Antique White spray paint and set it aside to dry thoroughly. The spray paint dries quickly, but I needed to give the waxed sections a little more time to harden up. Of “thoroughly” I mean, you leave your tray to dry overnight.Painted-Thrift-Store-specialistNext I went to remove the 100-grit sandpaper on these waxed edges, a little color here and there, and let me with an antique tray.in Front of Polished-edge-Detail-and-AfterIt was time for the Mod Podging. I’d was eager to try the Mod-hodgepodge-Transfer-Medium. It’s actually designed to work with photos, but I had a different idea and I was really happy how it worked out.Mod hodgepodge of a Transfer Medium requires the use of a “dry-toner ” (laser) copy of the graphics, the brackets are available in any Kinkos or staples, if you don’t have access to a laser printer.grand-hotel-chartI came up with a design that I – liked; just a simple text on a red band. I work in Adobe Illustrator, if I’m design, but the same look can be achieved in basic MSWord, with forms of the graphic bar and the built-in word-art function.I created a mirror of my image before I printed out and trimmed up on the edges (if you’re with MSWord). Here's a tutorial to create mirrored text in Word.grand-hotel-graphic-reversedto use The Mod-hodgepodge Transfer Medium was easy. I followed the instructions and applied them to the printed side of the graphic and put it on the tray.Working quickly I smoothed out any bumps with a brush and my damp fingers and clean the excess medium was squeezed out in the process. I left it over night to dry.Mod-hodgepodge-Transfer-MediumThe next morning, I took a very wet towel and put it over the picture for a few minutes. Then I started to gently RUB the layers of paper.peel-away paper
It was pretty easy and I was pleased with the results, but I wanted to be distressing a little bit more. So, once it was dried, I went back in with a 220-grit sandpaper and distressed it a bit more. Then I the graphics are sealed with a coat of regular Mod-smorgasbord.After a couple of hours to dry, I mixed and poured the Envirotex according to the directions on the packaging. You’ll have to give him a few hours of curing time.Here’s my finished BREAKFAST IN BED TRAY!Make a Breakfast tray from a $2 thrift store findIt’s my CROISSANT! (and coffee . . . I needed a Cup of coffee).Breakfast in bed tray from a thrift shop!Breakfast in bed tray from a thrift shop!Please do swing by my blog Cheltenham Road, inform yourself about my various crafting adventures and latest tutorials. Or, you can always find me via my Etsy store filled with my vintage styled projects.Also, if you have any questions about this tutorial, please don’t ask – I’ll monitor the site and try to get back to you as soon as possible.hints and tips and thoughts for next time:you want to use don’t ** have the Envirotex. Brush on a waterproof sealer or engine enamel (comes in a spray) are also options. It depends on whether you want the resin or not.I used the Transfer Medium because I wanted a vintage look. The next time, even more distressing (without the sanding) I think I’ll be less thorough about pressing the graphic into the Transfer Medium. Or I can just try, from the wrinkling of the graphic up before smoothing it out and stick it to the bottom.I used the font called “market-Deco”, which is available for free at DaFont.com (an amazing resource for free fonts)What do you think of my DIY Breakfast in bed tray? To know I’d love in the comments!

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