Emilie Bier Do it Your Self

You make a custom mouse Pad with packing paper

You will learn how to create a custom mouse pad with recycled cardboard and wrapping paper – so it’could make t easier or cheaper!
I’m a big fan of customizing my office supplies. I mean, let’s be honest – is made’s really fun. Well, sometimes, but sometimes it’ drudgery;s also complete.
For those moments, the work falls into this category, you need to the elements are bright and cheerful, make you feel better. . . Things like this a custom mouse pad.
With only a few materials, you can make a simple, inexpensive mouse pad in two quick steps, so that you have enough time to work like a boss.

DIY custom mouse Pad
What you’ll have to:

gift wrapping paper
Thin cardboard
Curved paper cutter

step 1: Load the paper and turn it over. Brush Mod smorgasbord on the carton and on the gift paper. Rub out all air bubbles with your fingers.

step 2: Once completely dry, flip it over and cut it out. You can use a bent paper cutter to finish the edges. That’s it!
I think this would begreat gift ideas for your employees – or you could make every single day of the week.br>What is your mood? Instead of a mood ring, people can tell if you’re in a good mood or you’re based on it on the mouse pad you use!
Now get to work and make your dreams come true! Or just drink a Cup of coffee and stare at your beautiful new custom mouse pad.
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