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You Can Make Aqua-Button, Canvas Wall Art

If you are on the search for a unique project for Valentine’s day, this aqua-button-canvas do the trick. The special touch is the glitter heart.
know Most of you, I love buttons. So to celebrate “My Valentine” I decided to have another button canvas – in none other than . . . Turquoise. Wouldn’t this button, canvas art fun wall art or a coat display? As you can see in the bottom left, it a little blingy heart:
If you are a traditional Valentine’s Day person, you can use this in pink or red, but of course I encourage that is a shade of blue for the theme. Here’s how to make it.
key canvas wall art
Collect These Supplies

10″ x 10″ blank canvas
FolkArt acrylic paint – titanium white, turquoise
FolkArt Extreme Glitter – Aqua
Mod hodgepodge Matt
keys – many of them in the colors of your choice
of wood piece of heart
craft glue
Stencil tape
brush and/or foam spouncer
utility knife

Paint white on the canvas. A prepared canvas is typically un -, so that the preparation of the surface by painting it. Allow it to dry.
I wanted to make a frame around the edge of my canvas, so I used a ruler, pencil, and stencil tape. The border was 1/4″ in the edge of the canvas, and 1/4″ and wide.
Use them to mark with a pencil where the tape should go, then tape only on the outside of the pencil marks. So, if you paint, you cover the pencil markings.
I overlapped the tape at each intersection.
Then I have to trim my craft knife, the excess stencil tape. To cut make sure, through the canvas.
to Use to paint spouncer or brush to your border. Give several coats and pulling the stencil tape while still wet. Then allow the paint to dry.
you Seal the canvas with a layer of Mod-smorgasbord.
Use the buttons to the Layout of your wreath pattern. This will take some time, but it’s fun.
Glue each button down separately. If you want to help shaky fingers, as I do, then a pair of tweezers, choose from the tiny buttons and then putting it back in again (with a DAB of glue).
Paint your wooden heart with a coat of turquoise. Let it dry and then three coats of Extreme Glitter over the top paint. You glue your heart to a place on the wreath.
Let everything dry before displaying your button canvas. I’m loving all the aqua and turquoise in my life now.

you Come back for more of My Aqua Valentine projects all this week.

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