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Make a Confetti bowl in Three Simple steps

You will learn a super-cool confetti Cup in three easy steps! You don’t need any technical skills, and the results are SO much fun!
skills: Not Required. You don’t need to complete any prior crafting experience to this project. You need to know how to inflate a balloon, but.
Have you ever worked before, with confetti in your craft? We’ve tried, a gift bag, a tray, candlesticks, and even the shoes (I know; you’re so much fun!).
If it’s a project that a crafter needs, in order to try, in your life, it’s a confetti bowl. Let me give you three reasons why:


This is pretty much the criteria for each project, I try. Not that I don’t want an advanced craft now and again, but only a limited amount of time available to simply craft the most are generally appealing.
Is it fun? The results are cute? The other questions that I ask, what do I do, and to know I’m sure (even without), you ask the same thing.
Like I said, this confetti dish meets all the criteria! Anyone can do it, and I mean everyone. V Julia made this dish with your children, and you hooked up the balloon for you. What I totally respect, because I want someone to bring the balloon to burst for me. And open the Pillsbury dough container. You know????
there are three simple steps to this DIY confetti balloon bowl, and let me share them with you now. You’re going to: 1) Inflate a balloon; 2) Mod conglomeration of the confetti in the bowl and let dry; 3) Pop the balloon and cut it.
Oh, plus you can use it with any color. What is with the black and orange for Halloween? Green and red for Christmas?? I think confident, you’re of it, so let’s jump into this balloon bowl DIY. I know you’re. Keep reading!
DIY Confetti bowl
Collect These Supplies

1 balloon
Mod hodgepodge gloss
sponge paint brush
- scissors
Vase, Cup, or anything else, you hold the balloon while you work

Inflating the balloon, then you put it on a vase, so that it’s more robust to work with.
Add Mod smorgasbord on the top half of the balloon with a sponge brush, then sprinkle confetti everywhere. You can remove the balloon from the vase and hold it, and add the confetti on the sides.
let it Dry and add another layer of glue and confetti. Repeat. If you feel that confetti thick enough, let it dry for the last time. However, you’ll still keep Mod Podging. You need to layers of multiple, until you reach a thick layer (approximately 3 – 4 layers; this is for stability). Let it dry for 8 – 10 hours.
Turn your balloon and pop you could do with a needle, I’t because I’ve always been afraid of the noise. You get to help a little if you need.
Now you’ll find a colorful confetti bowl!
you can either stay, leave it, with irregular edges, or you can cut them how I did it. I like a smooth edge on a bowl, but I’m not going to judge, if you want a little something different.
What do you think about this balloon bowl DIY? Easy, Right? Now if someone asks if you can say a bowl of confetti, Yes!! You won’t believe it.
Let me know if you try this confetti bowl in the comments. Project courtesy of V Julia!

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