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Decoupage dress art on a Budget

This Ballard Designs DIY dress, art is so easy to use – create your own decor in just a few minutes with your favorite papers and Mod-smorgasbord.

part of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner blog hop has encouraged me to try new things. I’m a scan to search high and low for things to decoupage, because I love it. The canvas I decoupaged the top of a great example.
; ve never been a DIY knock before done-off, and then I saw something go so incredibly cheap in the Ballard Designs catalog, I had it. My problem was that I needed a pattern, because I could tell that when I the whole project went winged it, go wrong. I needed some zoom. A simple job for my buddy, the Flip-Pal:
you laugh, perhaps, that I need a pattern for something so simple, but that’s just how I roll. I can’t free hand stuff, unless it’s in my own design. One minute, the drawing of the hand on a straight path, the next minute you’s in Timbuktu. Sad, isn't it?
See that dress above? The GiclĂ©e print, retail for $299? That was my inspiration. My finished project is not quite as big, but I want to didn’t, it to cover a whole wall. I wanted to zoom in only to have the image enough to be a pattern. So I did it.
Before I begin, here are the rules of knock-offs. You can get a knock-off for personal use only; you can sell’t or claim it as your own It would be like crossing proton streams in Ghostbusters. It would be bad. If you’d like to have your own version of this giclee, here’s how.
DIY Knock-off Decoupage dress art
Collect These Supplies

Flip-Pal mobile scanner
Computer and printer
image scanning
9″ x 12″ screen
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
Mod hodgepodge Dimensional Magic
FolkArt acrylic paint – Fuchsia, parchment (or coordinating colors)
Scrapbook-paper – I have a scan of three arches of K and company Flora and Fauna by Brenda Walton
wood circles – 3 small for the buttons
Craft knife and Mat
craft glue

the catalog on your Flip-Pal. Here’s how to blow the image up – scan at 600 dpi. Um, love this feature! I’m a big pattern. What I did was save the image into my photo software and blew it up to fit my screen.
Just let you know of the 600 dpi setting is so great, that I could have increased it even more. I printed two copies, because I knew that I cut, so I have a spare part for an extra piece of wanted to.
your ribbon pattern to your scrapbook paper. As you can see, I have some random found thin adhesive tape. It doesn’t matter what kind of tape you use, really. You start to use your cutter knife to cut the pieces for her dress, art, with the pattern as a template.
I have my second pattern in my coordinating piece of scrapbook paper. I cut the sleeves and the inner folds of the dress. Put aside your piece of paper.
Paint your canvas with parchment (or coordinating color). Be more layers and allow to drylet.br> Paint your wooden buttons with the color Fuchsia. You can see that I have the color plates, over and over again. I put a new color over the old color. I feel like I’m so that you can hinder to see in my Laundry.
Put the design on the canvas. Cut the pieces to the bottom by spreading a medium layer of glue and then you smooth the paper on top of it. Repeat until all the pieces let it dry down for 15 – 20 minutes. Seal Mod smorgasbord of over the top. They allow their dress, art to dry and then add another layer of Mod-smorgasbord.
tip: I wanted a little bit of a different Band, then one of Ballard, so I dropped down a gap between the top of the dress and the skirt, as I Mod Podged everything. It will of course be covered.
Add a ribbon belt and a coordinating embellishment for a little “ charm.” Glue down the buttons as well. After a small debate, I decide to have some Dimensional magic to the top of the keys. It really worked, to something of interest.
I love my knock-off dress of the kind!!! I’m looking around not only and wonder what I can scan, but I’m looking around and wonder what I can knock-off.

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