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Furniture Mod-smorgasbord: Everything you Need to Know!

Learn all about furniture Mod the hodgepodge of decoupage medium with this great guide! Plus you get your FAQs answered about this great formula. *note – This formula has been discontinued. You use a Hard layer of Mod hodgepodge as a replacement. Having said that, I leave this article live on the blog, because some people keep their formulas for many years.I’m looking forward to the discussion on an extremely exciting theme you today – furniture Mod smorgasbord! Why do I bring this up now? Well, when I look at the “behind the scenes”, what the readers are visiting here on the blog, I can see quite clearly that you love re-doing furniture! Or, at least, admire it.Mod-hodgepodge for furnitureMy furniture category is highly sought after, popular and strong, which doesn’t surprise me, because I love it, and furniture – big and small!So, besides you guys want to group to see furniture projects, some showed up questions, on the furniture, the Mod-hodgepodge formula in my Facebook -. I knew it was time to have a post about one of the latest additions to the Mod patchwork decoupage family – so here it is. is So thin on the furniture Mod hodgepodge. It’s a relatively new formula, finishes available in three exciting – Shiny, Matt and semi-Matt. They are all the same, but the Shine is shiny, Matte is in between flat and Satin is somewhere. It’s a “which means regularly” Mod hodgepodge formula, what is that you can use it on surfaces including:wood-paper-m├óch├ęGlassTerra cottayou can use it to apply fabric or paper to these areas, or most anything that you can think of else that you might want, put on furniture.MP-furniture s a non-toxic, water-based formula, just like the other Podges, which means to use it’s safe for anyone (including children) and you need don’t gloves. Beautiful furniture, right?It’s super hard. I don’t really know what’s, but maybe bits of dragon skin? Or Armadillo shell. Just kidding of course, but the whole point of the formula is to be tough and offer protection for your decoupage projects, and it's definitely not that.Now, I’ve explained it, I think, the best way to make nails with heads is the answer to a couple of questions you may have about the furniture-formula:Q: How is it different from Hard coat?A: It’t. But here’s the thing – the Hard layer doesn’ comes in three different versions,; t . . . and it comes in larger bottles, because you’re likely to be a bigger bottle for a lot of pieces of furniture to go. Instead of spent on the purchase of two bottles of Hard coat, and more, you get this.Q: Is furniture Mod hodgepodge waterproof?A: no. The only waterproof formula is dishwasher safe. Also the Mod conglomeration of the Free is only highly water resistant. But they aren’t soak the furniture with water so that it’s going to meet your needs. If water on a surface with this decoupage medium, you’re going to be fine. Just wipe off the water as soon as possible.Q: what is it Like compared to epoxy?A: It’s not like epoxy at all. The circuit is’t heavy and thick, like epoxy, and Mod smorgasbord is of the aqueous and non-toxic. Epoxy that creates a glass-like layer on the top side of the elements. Mod hodgepodge is a completely different finish.It – epoxy can be used as a decoupage medium, while epoxy is a thick, hard topcoat. Try both and you will know exactly what I’m talking about!Q: How can I apply the best furniture Mod smorgasbord?A: I use a larger applicator than a normal brush, because usually the things I’m decoupaging larger. This means that I have the 2.25″ brush for smaller furniture items and the 4″ brush for larger items such as tables, bookshelves, etc. you can use any brush you want . . . this can only be done your projects easier!Q: Can it be used with fabric?A: Absolutely. I recommend it for the observance of the fabric on a table. Or Chair. Or whatever.Q: Can I use this formula instead of the other Mod Podges so that I don’t to buy something else?A: Sure! If anything, this formula is overkill for a regular project, because it’s so durable. Now, if you’re trying to attach fabric to fabric or something, you’ll fabric Mod smorgasbord (for example) need it.hr class="wp-block-separator"/>I think that’s it, and I hope you feel educated about furniture Mod smorgasbord and are interested in, try it – however, if you have any questions, I’d love for you to leave to, Answer in the comments and I’ll be happy to!Links for the projects in the photo above – here / here / here

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