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Love note: Valentine's Day decor on a Budget

You can leave sweet messages for your family with this Declaration of love Valentine’s Day decor, built from scrap wood and decorated with pretty papers.

Yay! We are looking forward to guest-posting in the Mod collection rocks with our love notes Valentine’s Day decor! We are big fans of Mod-hodgepodge. As you know, Amy is awesome and works hard for this blog . . . so Amy thank you for making us a part of your blog!!
How you will start, if we {Missy, Alison and Shelley} asked each other, ‘How does it Work?’ crafts, coupon organization, the love of your family, etc. So we decided to answer the exchange of ideas and building a blog to these questions!
We had a lot of fun and booking through some of the latest, funniest and most motivating things on the web. So, here we go on our ‘BEE My Valentine’ post!
love note Valentine’s Day decor
Every year, for Valentine’s day, my husband and I have a rule that it is a homemade gift. I love our homemade gift exchange. You don't need so much thought {and sneakiness, because we want to see the other, what we do}.
I've been trying to come up with something for him this Valentine’s day that would be fun to display and enjoy! So here it is . . . Bee My Valentine! It’s fun Valentine’s Day decor, and the personal part that I think he will love is the wire holders . . . They are ideal for keeping ‘reasons Why I bee your Valentine Should.’
I'm thinking to", 10 reasons, that I have to be a Valentine and stick them with a wire holder. If he has his reasons, I could reasons why I love my kids in there too! Below is the guide, like it.
2 x 4-Party!
In the next few weeks, we will be using a 2×4 party, As she Does! Type . . . we are going to show you quite a few things you can do with a 2×4. 2×4 gifts and decorations are so easy to make and economical too.
If you are in the vicinity of new home building, you have always a scrap of 2×4 flying around. I'm not promoting stealing!!!! Ask the builder if you his scrap-wood. The builders that I have asked have been more than happy to let me have it. You smile when I say, I'm a craft 🙂
just Wait until you see what else you can do with a 2×4!
1. Cut a 2×4.

Bottom layer is 4 inches
The middle layer is 3 inches
Top layer is 2 cm

2. Trace around your wood pieces. You can see the cement on the blocks . . . just from a generator.
3. Cut out the paper.
4. Mod smorgasbord in.

5. Layer paper and sand the edges.
6. Let your little one help you stack the blocks. {He has cute hands!}
7. You drill 2 holes in the block at each end.
8. Add your vinyl.
9. Insert the wire to be your Valentine’s Day decor. Click here if you need a tutorial on how to get to the twist-wire.
10. You put the love notes. You have Valentine’s Day decor, on a budget that you can use year after year!
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