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Like a fairy-tale garden in Four Easy steps!

Want to learn how to make a fairy garden the easy way? This DIY fairy garden utilizes pots and only takes four steps! Get the fairy house how-to here.make sure you scroll down to the end of the post for a video of the same fairy-garden-art in a bird house.skills Required: beginner. Everything you need to be able to do is, use a paint brush to decorate a pair of scissors, and glue, a fairy tale house. Other fee involved gardens are more, but I made this for a simple reason!

If you’ve ever wondered how a fairy garden is the easiest way possible, then you’re going to love this project. I have already mentioned, it’s probably one of the most budget-friendly way to make a fairy garden? I know don’t whether you’ve looked at the prices recently, but the consumables and accessories for a fairy house can add up quickly.DIY-fairy-gardenThis DIY fairy garden is beautiful, because the base is clay pots – which are known for cost-effective and yet durable. In addition, I used an inexpensive wood pieces and colors from my stash to my garden. You’re going to go through four steps to a fairy house:Paint the PotsPaint the wood AccessoriesAdd the MossGlue it All TogetherSo simple that even a child can use it. In fact, I was the project with a child – my six-year-old niece did. Now this is a great gnome homes sit directly in front of my doorstep!Before we dive into the project, I wanted to go over some of the details for you, such as a fairy garden. I know, it seems like it’s not much, but here are the craft supplies I used and why, so that you can achieve success! If you’re ready, simply immerse yourself in the project, scroll down to the bottom.
Out of the potsThe reason why I selected clay pots for my DIY fairy garden is, first and foremost, I wanted something that this could go in free. Clay pots are very durable, and I knew they would hold up to the rainy weather of the Pacific Northwest (such as I have painted rocks!).If you want to stay in your garden outside most of the time, consider clay pots. Also consider drilling drainage holes in the pots, if you get a lot of rain in your area.colorMy DIY fairy garden is for nature . . . if you’s the plan for you as well, I recommend FolkArt Outdoor or FolkArt multi-surface. The multi-surface is my favorite color of all times, because the colors and lighting! You’ll want to use a couple of layers of paint to completely cover the pot and saucers.If your project is inside, regular acrylic paint works well. You can also use a normal color, with an Outdoor sealer, but it will fade faster if it’s rating of in free.fairy-tale-home-accessoriesI highly recommend the use of unfinished wood pieces, as much as possible, in order to save money on your DIY-fairy-garden. I got my parts directly from Plaid here. You can find the Windows and doors on Amazon as well as eBay.I'm counting on the two Michaels, and Dollar to get a Tree these days (except online), many, of my fairy-garden-accessories. I have the Michaels app and I’m always on the look out for those coupons for buying!Mod smorgasbord in order to Protect your fairy gardenI wrote a whole post on your fairy garden – and I’ll give you the summary here. The secret is the Outdoor Mod-hodgepodge is! If your houses outside in all types of weather, read this article to learn more about Outdoor Mod smorgasbord, and what its capabilities are.Are you ready to get started on the project? Read more and learn how to make a fairy garden!the DIY-Fairy houseCollect These Suppliespots – each fairy house requires a 10″ saucer, a 7″ saucer, and a 7″ pot (or sizes of your choosing acrylic paint for outdoor use – Colors of your choiceMod hodgepodge of outdoor unfinished wood accent piece floral moss – can dwarves adhesive or notWood washers in different sizes (optional)Outdoor glue like E-6000PaintbrushesSpouncers (optional), fairies, and other garden ornamentsBefore you begin, make sure that your terracotta pots are clean and the labels are removed. You can use it to clean, a mild soap and water, a clay pot; just make sure it’s be completely dry before painting. Start by painting the rim of your clay pot(s) with a few layers of acrylic paint. Let dry. Choose a different color and paint the base for your terra cotta pot. Don’t worry about the bottom of the pot, it won’t be seen. Choose the unfinished wood pieces, the paint you’d like to decorate your house. Paint the pieces with multi-surface paint and allow to dry. These are going to look fantastic on a fairy house! Paint the cups of your DIY fairy garden with whatever colors you like. I recommend painting the larger saucers green to match the moss. We turned the tops of the houses of the fairies in fungi by adding polka dots with spouncer!used If you’ve never been a spouncer, just put a little bit of color on the floor, and press straight down on the Element to a point (practice before you try it on the pot). Use a flesh or white color for the points, if you have the mushroom design. Cut to fit a piece of moss, the 10″ saucer. You can do this by tracing the bottom of the pot on the back of the moss, if it’s a sheet of. If you decide, moss-pieces, glue them down with a water-resistant glue to cover the base.Use E-to attach to 6000 or other water-resistant glue, to the top of the fairy house at the bottom of the pot. Then put a ring of glue around the top of the clay pot and put it on the base (in the moss). Let it dry for several hours. you can Add embellishments to your DIY-fairy garden, such as small wood-circle steps. Add them with waterproof glue. We placed the dwarves, but we didn’t stick them down, because we want to be able to change to that of various animals, fairies, etc. you can Give your houses a couple of coats of Outdoor Mod-smorgasbord (minus the pieces that will be moved). Let them dry before you place your houses outside. In the corner of my garden near the front door, I have my little fairy garden with a few houses, and slices of wood. I love it! Now you know how to make a fairy garden, the 1) last outside for a long time and 2) will be budget-friendly, I’d love to know if you try it in the comments!if you’re, you a video to how to make a fairy garden house with an aviary (and some of the same wood piece!) I’ve got it down. Simply press “PLAY” in the middle of the video.

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