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LOVE canvas for Valentine's Day

There are all kinds of cool projects you can make with Mod smorgasbord – I mean, that's what this blog is, right? Even with the best of the best projects I’ve ever seen in the world, I come always back to Mod-conglomeration projects with canvases.
you have always been (and always will be) my favorite! One of the best loved Valentine’s day projects on this blog was a guest post done by Anna, so I wanted to share a different variation on the same thing you might like from my friends Cathie and Steve.
The funny thing about this project is that you can not only on canvas and wooden letters, but you also get the use of zippers. I know – crazy, isn't it?
This is an interesting piece of wall art that I’d probably want to leave it up all year. If you agree and want to visit the link below.
love art-canvas Plaid

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