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Letters Wrapped with thread

To create it’s so easy, the letters are wrapped with thread for your craft room – or personalize with your own set of for every room in your house!

recently, Courtney a READ did-write project for their son’s school library. To do my Michaels makers challenge this month was, personalization, project™, with the new alphabet products in the market.
I knew immediately what I was going to do . . . I wanted something “letters” and you wrap them with yarn like Courtney has with her. It couldn’t an easier project!
deciding on color palettes, is always difficult. I’d been wanting to use this color palette of comfort, the blog and the beautiful thing was that the market™ already have some yarn with similar colors! And some fancy canvas letters:

Collect Wrapped letters with thread
it Supplies

canvas to spell out the letters “to wrap MAKE”
skein of thread your letters – I used one for each
FolkArt acrylic paint – Crushed coral, French Blue, Navy Blue, Spun Sugar
hot gun
craft knife or scissors

Here’s the range of adhesive I've used. Isn’t it so beautiful?!
the first step is The color of the canvas letters with the colors – to give you at least two layers of each.
painted Here’s what they look like.
Choose a point on each letter to wrap. Put some hot glue on the back and glue one of the ends in the hot glue. To close, wrap the letter with the thread together.
fasten the other end with a hot glue gun, then cut off the excess.
Repeat with the other letters.
wrap up The thread, gives each letter a bit of interest!
Once done, you’re the display of letters together.
And here’s a close-up of how the thread looks. I Love You!
What do you think of my letter? Time to head to Michaels to get your supplies, right?!

If you want to have a personalized spin on a project, Michaels has made it easy, with their new Alphabet soup of Make market™ line of products.
This collection of surfaces, letters, frames, and more to come in the modern, eclectic or rustic styles. Made of natural and processed wood, a variety of metals, resin, and patterned styles, the possibilities are endless.

If you don't know where to start, you can always take a look at some of the fun-to-see projects on michaels.com or the other 49 Makers ideas on The glue String, such as you personalized your craft!

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