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Learn How to Decoupage napkins: tips & Tricks

It’s much easier to decoupage the napkins to the surface than you think! Learn how it included with the Mod-smorgasbord – tips, tricks and a video. Are you ready for decoupage napkins? Some of the craftsmen think the decoupage with napkins can be difficult . . . and it is a learning process. But I’m here to tell you that, if you want to learn a little patience and determination, you’ll, decoupage napkins in no time!Why Decoupage napkins?napkins to get cheap purchaseThey sensitive projects, which have a different appearance than scrapbook paper or fabric can offer beautiful designsYou reachyou can See the types of projects you can. in our article 10 decoupage ideas with napkin The results are really beautiful and unlike any other medium! Once you learn to decoupage with napkins, will you’re going to be addicted! I want you to smorgasbord a little bit of the process with you and some tips gathered from my Getting Crafty with Mod-group on Facebook.you Separate the layers of the napkin before you start. This means, to peel off (usually) white layer from the back of the front layer. You can disconnect RUB the layers together, or use a piece of tape on a corner and drag.You can cut or tear your images. The way to tear, use a detail brush, dip it in water, and trace elements to the part of the image you want to save. The napkin will be easy to pull off.You place Mod hodgepodge on the surface of the object, and then the napkin (or a part of the napkin design) to the bottom to the top. Use to smooth a piece of plastic wrap on the top of the image. This will help you smooth the napkin down, without tearing. Work on the smoothing from the center out.Alternatively, some hair spray on your napkins in front of decoupage. Spray with several coats of hair spray, let it dry, and then Mod smorgasbord your napkin as usual.The pressure of the brush is crucial. Don’t be light as only the weakening of the napkin, and don’t be rough, as you want to tear your napkin. Practice and patience are the key!Always easy sanding and varnishing at the end of the project. Sand until it is smooth.One of my favorite Alternative methods for decoupaging the napkins on the tile coasters comes from Pat Rhoads in the Facebook group, “If you put a napkin on the tile coasters, put Mod hodgepodge, wait for it to dry and iron the napkin. Wrinkle-free!”Pat teflon used sheet between the napkin and the iron, but proposes, you can place a piece of cloth.Are you ready for decoupage napkins? Watch the videos below!center>figure>center>figure>This is the hobbyist’ favorite places are to buy napkins for decoupage:Amazon dollar tree, party city, Tuesday MorningWhat questions or tips do you have in relation to the napkin decoupage? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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