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Easy Kids Craft: Insect Identification Chart

This insect identification chart is a simple children's crafts. It allows your children (and you!) learn more about the bugs in your environment!
skills Required: beginner. Adults can easily do this project, and it’s suitable for children, to cut the be able to a bit more detail. If you have a thicker cardstock, you don’t to have any wrinkles. 
Halloween, the holiday is just around the corner – where we celebrate all that is creepy and spooky. And I don’t know about you, but to me there is nothing creepier than insects. And living in the South means that we suspect some Big, scary bugs (I want warmer temperatures?). I see insects running around here all the time and always wonder what you are.
I have this simple insect identification chart project, so that you will have the opportunity to use with their children to learn about the faults in your environment! This would project a great science fair or home-school, and it’s so easy. Here’s how I did it.
DIY Insect Identification Chart
Collect These Supplies

wooden disc – I got this at the craft store
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Scrapbook-paper – colors of your choice, including white
punch (optional)
Clip art of insects of your choice

The first step is the selection of the insect, and print the silhouettes of them with your printer. You can get more Details, if you are working with older children – it depends on the cutting skills of your child.Pick 6 – 8 insects try to focus on your local area!) and cut them out with scrapbook paper.

tip: older children can use detail scissors to make smaller cuts.
note: If you select and print out your error, remember that, should you print with laserjet ink, if you want to don’t, causing them to bleed. Otherwise, printing on inkjet, and then spray both sides with clear acrylic sealer. Then let it dry. My preference is laserjet the use, whenever possible.
you have a couple options for cutting out the tags. You can made it by hand, or with a punching machine. It might be fun, the ID-cards in unusual shapes?
an ID-card for every insect that you cut.
How to cut out your insect, place it on your wood surface.
you Write the name of each insect on the ID tag. You can Ecologist, The Orkin to the Latin name.
Once you have all the names written on the ID tags, Mod-hodgepodge of everything up to the surface. Add Mod smorgasbord on the wood slice, place the errors and the tags at the bottom and smooth. Let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes.
is Once the project is dry, give it several layers of Mod smorgasbord of over the top and let dry again.
Now you’re official. An official bug-id is!
This is such a fun science activity for kids! Further activities along the same lines, visit 20 science experiments for kids more at Happy Hooligans!

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