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Easy Kids Craft: Decoupage Treasure Box

This easy kids craft is fun for kids and parents alike. To save Decoupage a box, junk, and toys, with bits of paper and paint!
I don’t know about your kids, but mine? Mine are constantly finding and bringing home “treasures” that you’with t seem to be a part of. The question, then, is how to store these little gems so that you’re accessible and included in the same time.
together, these easy to complete kids craft, a treasure chest, which not only save the hard work to all the things that your children did not do without, but it’s also a great craft project.

Mod hodgepodge of gloss (you can also Washout the children's formula)
paper mache box (ours is from Hobby Lobby, and would also work) comes in many different sizes)
foam brush
squares of the scrapbook paper (tissue paper

step 1: The first step is to gather up some craft paint and a brush (we used a foam brush) and paint your box. Let dry.

step 2: Once your box is dry, it’s time for the real fun to begin. I used a paper cutter to cut scrapbook paper into 1″ squares, and my 5-year-old hadAfter the squares Mod Podged down, allow it to dry. If you want to overlap the squares, you’ll probably want to go back and repeat the process. If not, let dry completely and seal with one or more coats.

step 3: And because a craft project is’t until we’ve made an absolute mess, it’s time to have some glitter! Brush on a thin layer of Mod-pick-and-mix, and sprinkle glitter on the top and the sides of the box (we have gold and red glitter for this step).

And that’s it! It was so complete a fun and easy project, and a “craft-partner” was a lot of fun, too!

thanks for making me this easy kids craft to share today with all of you! You will find many tutorials and inspiration on my blog, my facebook page, on pinterest or on twitter! You have a nice day!

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