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Easy Vintage Hanky Decorated Glass Locket

This pretty glass locket has been embellished with a vintage hankie and some of the notes – it is the perfect personalized gift!
hi guys, it is life-Ashlee from My So Called Crafty, and I'm back today to share a simple DIY jewelry with all of you!!! All of the jewelry pieces I like to wear, medallions are by far my favorites!
I have a vintage mother-of-pearl medallion is painted on by hand with “wife” that I wear all the time.
Today I will show you how to customize a glass locket with some vintage fabric and old notes. It’s fast, easy and fun!
Embellish a glass locket
Here’s What you Need:

glass locket ( you can find all kinds of styles in the supplies section on Etsy)
Mod hodgepodge Matt
Vintage fabric scraps
Vintage book page
brass chain necklace

Mod Melts textures mold, glue gun, and Mod White Melts Sticks
brass lace edge setting 22mm
jewelry glue
jewelry pliersinstructions:
If you want to make a little mod melt cabochon go on your necklace, it’s easy. You put a mod stick to melt in your hot glue gun. Make sure to inject all of the leftover clear glue that can be left in the gun.
Press a little of the white mod melt in the little swirly circle on the textures mod mold to melt. Let it dry and set for a bit. Pop the cabochon out of, then glue it in the brass lace-edge setting. Set aside.
you measure the inside of the locket, and you mark your fabric to these dimensions, minus a hair. My medallion was 1.5×1.5, so I made my square of fabric 1&3/8 square. Cut your paper the same size. I used a vintage sheet music page.
Paint a layer of Mod hodgepodge of Mat on the inside of the glass medallion on the right and left side. Paint a layer of Mod patchwork Mat on the front of the fabric and the front side of the paper.
you Set the fuel of the wet side down on the wet side of the glass, on the right-hand or left-hand side. You flatten the fabric on the glass, smooth out any air bubbles.
Wipe off excess medium is pressed out. The same thing to do with the paper place on the other side of the locket.
Paint a layer of Mod-hodgepodge Mat on the back of both the paper side and the fabric side. Set aside and let dry.
as soon As your medallion is dry, you can finish it. Cut a strip of fabric about 3/4″ in width a few inches. You can tie the fabric to the top of the medallion.
String their locket on a chain necklace. Attach all the charms, such as the mod, I melts the charm first on the chain with a jump ring.

I love how this funky necklace turned out! I love that it has a vintage feel to it, and it can be easily used as a traditional locket by gluing photos of your favorite lovies on the inside.
I used a vintage handkerchief and bits. You, of course, all fabrics, and paper embellishments that you may like. Have fun and make it your own!
So, if you are looking for a great jewelry-diy, you can wear all year round, give this chain a try. I think you’ll love it! If you would all like to see more of my work you can see me<'ll find on my blog My so Called Crafty life here.br>

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