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Last Minute Spooky Halloween Candle Holder

These spooky candle holders, Halloween made with vintage photos and Mod-hodgepodge of fun holiday decor – you will Somehow experience an unexpected Halloween party at my house next weekend. It was one of those conversations with friends that went “yeah, that sounds like fun” “ack! now I have to do it really!” really fast.
Although I have some (I think) fun Halloween decor items (candles, coasters, signs) for my Etsy shop, to be honest, I decorating don’t in the rule for Halloween. So I needed to pull a bunch of stuff and thought I’d share my first project.
I was looking for something for the middle of the table. Whatever it was, it had to be cheap, easily and quickly. I wandered through the thrift store through the gears and came up with this idea.
spooky Halloween candle holder
For this project I used:

Thrift-Store glasses
downloaded the Old photos from the Internet
An awl (I think that’s official name to – I tend to call it “ that tips thing I don’t know why I have this or where it came from.”) – a toothpick, craft knife or something sharp
Black spray paint
Matt Mod hotchpotch
Electric candles
would work, Some scrap wood

I found these four containers (.99 each!) while thrifting, and I their many and varied forms and heights liked.
I wanted you to opaque, and so I gave each a quick coat of black matte spray paint and while it dried, I'm looking for a couple of old photos to use.
delivered A quick Google search for “Creepy Victorian photos,” quickly a variety of ways. I have downloaded a good selection and changed it to fit to my black vases. This took some measuring and trimming, but it was quick work.
Before gluing the photos to the vases I have my awl . . . you put your eyes! . . . which, although it seems silly, to be honest I feel a bit bad . . . so, I Victorian people – apologize; I’m sure they were very nice and it’s only the long exposure times and a distinct lack of moisturizer that makes you look a bit scary these days.
I attach the Matte Mod smorgasbord to, the pics to my Halloween candle holders. I spread the MP on the vase, and only a thin layer on the back side of the image, and then smoothed them. Once they had all dried, I went back to my awl and cleaned up the eye sockets a little, while scratching at the same time from the black color underneath.
A quick layer of Mod hodgepodge sealed everything on my Halloween candle holder available.

Here is my Halloween candle holder in the light of day. A bit gloomy, but pretty harmless.
Now you are reduced here with the lights for a party:
I discover to increase on a few of them that I needed my candle just a bit to the maximum glowing eye effect – has a piece of wood will do the trick (in black, of course).
Now I just need a couple of other things, some mood lighting, the food . . . oh! and to go a costume, and I’m good.
you Have a great Halloween to all!
Final thoughts on the project

If you’re in a hurry, stick with straight-sided vases – I like the tapered shapes that I used, but trimming things to fit slowed me down a bit
I Used the glass vases due to the different sizes and shapes, but you could use PVC pipe, cardboard tubes – everything – you’d only have to drill the eyes.
I think that electric lights is a must for this – not because it’s a lot of fire or heat danger, just because you don’t to think about them as the evening goes on.
For maximum glowing eye effect try to keep all the eyes on roughly the same level for each jar. I was lucky and got it by accident, but if you t gluten-some of the images, where the eyes are down low and some where the eyes are high, you won’evenly.
this would also make it fun, spread out on a mantle or a bookshelf.

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