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Last Minute Decoupage Paper Ornaments

This last minute decoupage project, you can save from a sad looking home during the holidays. You’ll love these paper ornaments – with a free template!
Hello to all! This is Elba from live Colorful and I’m really excited to be here to exchange some Christmas decorations! Today I’m going to share some simple, modern and cool-looking decoupage paper ornaments.
This last-minute vacation project, you can celebrate save from a sad looking home during these cheerful. Check them out:
The holidays are just around the corner, but let’s be honest, sometimes during this season is when we realize that we missed it a few details on our decorations.
This happens to me every year, especially when I sit down and take note of the empty spots on my Christmas tree, it drives me crazy!
So I decided to do something about it and use what I had at home to fill the empty spaces. The first material that came to mind was paper, and it was probably because I have tons of paper at home.
The other thing that excited me about the paper, is the idea that I can have any color I want so they match my current decorations.
Colorful paper jewelry

Colorful sheets of paper
Mod hodgepodge Matt
pictures or newspaper clippings (optional)
Glitter (optional)
brush or sponge

1. Download the printable here and print as many ornaments as you need, on colored pieces of paper.
2. Cut out the ornaments according to the model.
3. Fold each side of the ornament. You can fold it along the printed lines, so the lines remain on the inside of the Form.
4. Cut small strips of tape. You make a fat knot at the end.
5. Now you can start to stick with the Mod smorgasbord to all the pages.
6. Before you close it and stick the paper ornaments, add the ribbon to hang on the Christmas tree. Press all the sides firmly for a few seconds.

I love personalized ornaments with pictures, to see it’s amazing, my favorite memories hang on the Christmas tree!
If you feel the same way, cut some of the images in a triangular shape, and stick them on the ornaments. I also have some glitter added on the sides just for fun.
One other idea I had was add some magazine clipping with your favorite Hollywood stars, quotes or anything you find fun.
I Used Mod smorgasbord to glue glitter, images, tissue paper and other cool stuff on wood, clay, and even pumpkins! To use it’s so easy and robust at the same time, so feel free to stick what you want on these paper ornaments.
7. If you’re done, add an additional layer of Mod-smorgasbord on each side of the ornaments to make you more resistant to water and dust.
Now you are the ornaments ready to hang your new decoupage and fill in all the empty spaces on the Christmas tree.
I decided that this would look great as a garland over the fireplace or to decorate a wall that looks sad and empty.
Also, if you realize that what you need is a heart, to fill your desire, the plates with a few of them. Believe me, these little paper guys could make a life-saver for your holiday decorations and the best part is, you’re so easy to use!
happy holidays!

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