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Lace Mason jars for party or wedding

Make lace mason jars for a fun spring project! You can add lace to jars with Mod collection for home decor or party/wedding favors.

I have a good friend getting married in about a month, and you’s recruited to help me with some wedding favors. With the warmer weather here, I’ve been in the spring crafts-mode – so I knew exactly what I wanted to do her favors, and there were also some flowers, birds, and cheerful colors!recently paper Mart their AMAZING selection of “packaging for less” online, I knew contacted me about a partnership, and to browse, that I wanted to like to work with you to make this.you Go to your Website and you will see the gift boxes, lace, ribbons, flowers, fabric pouch, belt, Band, etc . . . if you pass don’t immediately, you’ll certainly want to be creative at the same time.lace Mason JarsI’ve never decoupaged lace on glasses (hanging head), so I decided it would be really nice for a wedding. This would make a big wedding favors, but they would also celebrate perfect for any spring or even home decor. Before we dive into our top mason jars tutorial, I want to tell you a couple of tips for success! These are important, especially if you want to use these for wedding mason jars – you’ll find that you look beautiful.the preparation of the glassesTo the beginning of the preparation of the glasses for craft, you’ll want to make sure that all stickers are removed (try our DIY sticker remover methods; you’re non-toxic!). After the stickers are removed, you need to clean, dirt or oily fingerprints on the glass.you have two methods that you can use here. You can wash the glasses with mild soap and water and dry. You may want to do this, if you go to food, or sweets inside the jars. This will take longer.method two involves a cotton ball or pad and rubbing alcohol. Just put the alcohol on the ball/pad and clean the glass. Let it dry (it takes less than a minute). Your glasses are ready!
the choice of The topis The type of top you choose, is really up to you. Both cotton and poly-blends, mason jars work to cover, because the top just isn’t, the thickness. To seal it’s just it in a layer of Mod-smorgasbord.My only advice for you here is that you select a top that fits around the jar, either horizontally or vertically. This means that, if your glass is 3″ high, don’t select 5″ top to cut that you can’ll have to. It just makes more work for you, and it’s a pain to walk with (at least in my opinion!). I’d rather have a few 1″ wide Band as to cut tip. I can never cut the tips of very straight (maybe it’s with me?).type of Mod-Use hodgepodge toyou’re going to love our formula guide to help you choose the right Mod-hodgepodge. I’ll give you a short cut, though – you can use any formula you want. I usually use glossy on glass, but for this project I went with Matt. I like the flat look of the matte finish, especially for wedding mason jars.I just want you to know, there are no restrictions. All the Mod-hodgepodge formulas work on glass, so whatever you choose always, is in order. The actual focus on the appearance of the surface (whether it be gloss, satin or matt) want. You can see, look at what the different formulas, if you dry here.Ready to dive into the tutorial project? Here’s how this lace mason jars madewerelace Covered Mason JarsCollect These Suppliespaper Mart, hexagon and octagon glass jarsMod hodgepodge of Matt spray paint in different color paper Mart assorted lace bands – Lisa, Lana, Leta, Jonii, Jodi, Julia, Jana, Linda, Laura paper Mart, small flowers – different color paper Mart small cute bird decor paper Mart pre-tied tiny bows – various colorsHot glue gunScissors will your first step be to spray paint the lid. You can leave the silver, but it’s fun to give you a bit of color with some spray paint. Remove them from the jars, spray paint and allow to drylet While your eyelids, allow to dry, cut the lace to fit the sides of your glasses and then cut down. Let dry.I can tell you how obsessed I am with these hexagon-and octagon glasses? I LOVE the Form, and it’s a different (more interesting) than the standard round-glass. Plus, it’s the perfect flat crafting surface! When the glasses are dry, which takes about 30 minutes, screw the lid back on. Then start the decoration of the glasses – both the pages and the cover – with their ornaments. Hot glue the bottom of some of the flowers and bows – then hot glue the flowers on top of them.Don’t forget to add some birds. Wrong’t they cute? Peep-peep! Paper Mart has the best stuff! Of course, if you’re with these for the wedding Mason jars, you’ll customize to the look and feel of your theme. I’m only show you the possibilities! you can fill with your tips, mason jars, whatever you want. What do you think about our tips-wedding mason jars? We’re turned out so happy with how you. I’d love for you to visit these other wedding craft ideas:

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disclosure: sponsored Post on behalf of paper-Mart; all opinions are 100% my own.

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