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Ransom note DIY letters magnets (with Free Printable)

You make your own character, the easy way – to magnets; with a fun font! So easy that children can do it. Free printable with several characters included.
As a child, I always loved those plastic letters! We had them on our fridge. I think that, combined with my love for all things, is what this project want to make.
These DIY magnets are so easy . . . and the ransom note font, which makes them fun, also I provide a free printable below for the part!!!!).
you need:

wood blocks (wood, saw, pencil)
sponge paint brush
self-Adhesive magnetic
Letter-sheets (download here)

you Select the wood, the length that you would like to be blocked, and cut them to size.
Sand the corners and edges.
you can Make as many as you like!
you will probably a minimum of one of each letter, if not a couple of extra vowels want to be.
Download and print the letters. OR better yet, draw your own on paper and use them!
Cut out the letters and drag your Mod collection!
apply a generous layer of Mod smorgasbord and glue the letters on the front of the block. To cover the edges and wrap the excess.
Cut a piece of self-adhesive magnet and stick it on the back on the block
To give your blocks a nice clean finish and colour of the pages black or white.
TA-DA! To communicate you already have a cooler, with letter magnets on your fridge? I don't think. 😉

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