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Free Printable Christmas art for your coat

Decorate your home for the holidays with this free printable Christmas art for your coat. Contains colorful subway art and a banner. Have you ever on the blog eighteen 25? You have to go to. You have things that are fun. And free Christmas printables. And give-aways. And they are all sisters. I’m today, and they are here. So reading your post further down, at free Christmas printable subway art and a banner.————

While Amy is sharing her fun project on our blog today . . . the three of us sisters from eight to ten with a 25 share, which we think is pretty exciting here! Two small things that are fairly popular now: subway art and a pennant banner. We hope you all enjoy!free Printable Christmas artJust three simple steps and you’ll have to display your own printable Christmas subway art.1.  Download and print the document. This subway art is nice and big (16″ x 20″) – we had printed at Costco. (One of our readers a tip divided, in the order of Costco – under print options, check the “do not AutoCorrect my prints” box – thanks to Courtney).Download the 16 x 20 subway art Here2.  Buy a frame. We used a 40% coupon and have a great deal on a frame from Aaron Brothers.3.  Add the print to the frame. We’re sure you already know how to do! Now on the banner . . .you’ll need to download and print the pennant on a white cardboard. There are three per page so print as many as you want. Then the bias tape and glue to collect and follow the simple steps, which we recently shared in a tutorial here.Download the Christmas Banner Here After the work is done, there is a fireplace mantle, or your favorite to arrange shelf and a little. Want to add some glitter trees???? Get the how-to here. They are so easy and fun!There you have it – Christmas decorations in a jiff. Hope you find this free Christmas printables for a good purpose!thanks for having us Amy!If you like this printable, take a look at this FREE holiday stationery set we have available! Contains tags and characters, as well:

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