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Little girl' stool with hearts and buttons

Learn to be a little girl’ stool, find a place to store and a craft! Cute scrapbook paper, bright colors, and all ornaments that you like.
I love projects for children, because they help me express my inner child. I know don’t what made me think of this apple stool, but when I did it I thought about how a child could need a boost to brush their teeth. This thrust must sweet of something very. Here is the result.
Little girl’ stool
Collect These Supplies

FolkArt acrylic paint – Magenta, Soft Apple, Yellow-lemon
Mod smorgasbord of Satin
Small wood stool
Carolyn Gavin greenhouse Scrapbook papers - 2 sheets (from Michaels)
wooden heart shapes – two
1" Flat brush
craft glue
Assorted Pink-ish buttons

1. You want to first trace your shapes onto the scrapbook paper. Take one piece and place the chair from the top to the bottom. Trace around the outside. Do the same thing with the 2 wooden heart pieces on the second piece of paper. Set aside these pieces; they will work with you when the paint dries.
2. Time to paint the stool. Paint the top of the stool Yellow Citron, the pages of Magenta and the support piece above the middle Soft Apple. Paint the heart with Magenta. Apply several coats and let it dry completely.
3. While the paint dries, cut your paper. You start with the upper piece. Measure about 1/4″ within the line to cut. I always do that so a bit of color shows on the edges.
! Cut out the heart. Also cut two rectangles to fit on the support piece of the stool on both sides. It's nice to buy papers, two-sided.
I was able to cut the pieces from the same sheet I have for the heart—I turned these pieces, and it gave me a different design to the other side! These aside cutting the pieces of paper.
4. My Favorite Part. Bust out the hodgepodge and glue the papers, as you can see in the pictures. Remember, you glue the pieces down, allow to dry for 15-20 minutes and THEN go back and cover the entire piece with Mod-smorgasbord.
do Not glue the hearts on yet. Leave the hearts to dry on their own. You need to go back and cut off extra paper around the heart. Allow all of the Mod-pick-and-mix to dry completely.
5. NOW glue the hearts on with craft glue. I had to glue the one side, allow to dry and then turn it over to glue the other heart. This is because the force of gravity and glue are not friends.
6. When the hearts are dry, you can use the buttons on both sides of the support piece. Again, I have bathed the dogs, and then came back and did the other side.
7. Allow to dry the chair, at least 24 hours to use before your little cutie!
What do you think of this little girl’ stool? Let me know in the commentsknow!br>

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