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No Carving, pumpkin Decorating for children

go to your littles have a blast in this autumn and Halloween with these no carve pumpkin decorating for kids! So simple any age can do it. Not so long ago, I did a post about painted pumpkins, and I’m suns still in the glow of the fun ideas. To decorate still looking for a unique way pumpkins?? This confetti-pumpkin-idea is the perfect fall-kids-craft! Ideal for parties, too. Here’s a quick no-carve idea that ordinary pumpkins in the pumpkins . . . and it’s so easy, even kids can do it! No Carving, pumpkin decorating for childrenyou’ll need to:small white pumpkin confetti (thin, tissue-paper kind is best)Matte Mod Podgesponge applicator or brush The work in small sections, Coat pumpkins with Mod conglomeration, and the layer on individual pieces of confetti. Continue until the whole pumpkin is covered, smoothing as you go. Let them dry and apply a second coat of Mod-hodgepodge, like a sealing compound, if desired. That’s it!  Enjoy pumpkins to your party! If you’re looking for a fun, confetti, and Mod-hodgepodge, here’s a gift-wrap idea, the one I used last Christmas.

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