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Just a table tag with a pillow case

Use Mod smorgasbord and a pillowcase (Yes, a pillowcase!) to decoupage design is a plate on a table. This table tag is really simple!

Have you ever noticed that Target has some pretty cool furniture? I really, really like your selection. I also really, really like to, if you end up on my picks on distance (Iat the end as a bit of a stalker in “Tar-jay”).br>That’s exactly what happened with this fun table with neon legs. What I liked about this table, besides the fun, the neon legs that it was part of a series of Dorm goodies, all of which went together.
I decided I wanted to plate the table to be a bit more white than plain, so I actually still have a few accents with a coordinating pillowcase from the target. It was really easy!
So basically, if you have a spare pillowcase and a table, you need to decorate, you can do it with Mod-hodgepodge. Here’s how.
DIY table tag
Collect These Supplies

table with a smooth surface
Mod patchwork fabric
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
sandpaper (optional)

The pillow cover I used this was a – a body pillowcase. You recognize, to get how much fabric you with this? A Lot!
Cut the pillow case open at one end and prepare the fabric with Mod-hodgepodge. All you do is paint a medium layer of hodgepodge of over the top and let it dry. You’re doing this to prevent fraying when you cut the flowers.
If your table is fairly smooth, like me, you might want to sand to rough it a little. Just a little bit. You want the Mod to grab hodgepodge well. Wipe off any excess dust with a damp cloth.
This is the fun part! Cut out your flower pattern with a pair of scissors. And as I promised – no fraying!
Decoupage floral designs at the bottom to the top of the table. You place Mod hodgepodge on the cloth d├ęcor, and smooth down onto the surface of the table. Let it air dry. You have two choices today.
you Can Mod hodgepodge of the whole table, or only on the upper side of the flower It really depends on the type of Mod-pick-and-mix you use, whether you will be able to see the excess at the edges.
If you see it, you’ll probably want to decoupage, the entire table top.
And you have yourself a new table top! This table revamp is just another way to fit a piece of furniture. What do you think?

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