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Instagram Image Transfer-Photo-Block - Mod-Hodgepodge Rock

They use their Instagram to create images, this simple wood photo block! You’ll use Mod smorgasbord of photo transfer medium to make it happen.

If you’ve been to this blog for a long time, then you know that I love my Boobs – and if you follow my Instagram stream, then you really know, I love my Boobs. So I made this Mod conglomeration of photo-block, so that every visitor to my loft will know how much my pigs mean the world to me.
It’s particularly important, because I miss so many pictures on Instagram of my Nellie, died in may of this year (and I!).
This photo block is so easy to make and would make a great gift . . . and it uses the Mod-patchwork photo transfer medium. The use of a Explosion. Here’s how it’s done!
Image Transfer-photo-Block
Collect These Supplies

wood block – I transfer to a 3 1/2″ square
Mod patchwork photo Transfer Medium
Mod smorgasbord of Hard Coat
Mod smorgasbord silicone Mat
Instagram photos printed on a dry toner printer – 6
sponge brush (comes with the photo-medium)

First, you need to get your Instagram photos out of your mobile phone /photo-stream, and in a program like PowerPoint or Word so you can print this. I plugged my iPhone in and downloaded, but you can send them to yourself as well (by e-mail on your smartphone).
NOTE: If the text on the image, you’ll need to have the image reversed, so that the text transfers properly.
Are you even fit into the program of your choice and size to print the block that you need. You need to make sure that the ink from your printer toner so that it will lubricate doesn’t. Laserjet work, and some ink-jet printer.
My printer is an inkjet and it works. However, a lot of inkjet printer smudging, so that you need to make a test. When the inkjet ink is smudged, you get your photo copied at a FedEx store or other place where you have access to a laserjet printer.
Cut out all of the photos, and place them in a pile. You make each photo individually. Use the sponge brush and you are wearing photo-transfer-medium that you can on the front of the photo – so much so, that’t see the photo, because the image is completely white. You do not do this on the silicone Mat makes it easy to select the image (and protects your work surface).
Smooth the picture down carefully on the block. Smooth, smooth, smooth. Wipe off any excess that comes out of the page. Repeat with the remaining five sides and let this dry for at least 24 hours. This is very important!
If the 24 hours have passed, you can get the photos wet. I have this good one page at a time. Why are you always wet? Because . . .
you go, RUB the paper and show the picture! RUB very gently or you will RUB off the image. Here’s how I do it. I RUB slightly and RUB a wad of paper. Then I leave the picture to dry so I can see, to RUB where I need more.
I do it in stages, instead of trying to do too much at once. I have all six pages at once, let the block dry and then wet again, where I have more paper to remove.
The finished block will end up looking a little more washed out and vintage-y – this is normal. You don’t need to add Mod smorgasbord of Hard coating on the block, but it does darken the photos a bit of what I wanted.
Here’s a page of my finished block . . .
Instagram photo Block
And here’s the finished project again. I love it! It’s is proudly displayed on my bookshelf.

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